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The story follows Hime Arikawa, whose absent parents have left with saddled with a huge debt. After being saved from debt collectors by three girls on the student council, in exchange for paying off his debt, he agrees to spend the rest of his high school career dressed as a girl.

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I Feel Like I've Lost as a Girl image

Episode 1

I Feel Like I've Lost as a Girl

I'd Go For You Right Now image

Episode 2

I'd Go For You Right Now

You're So Cute, Damn It... image

Episode 3

You're So Cute, Damn It...

What's With That Scenario?! image

Episode 4

What's With That Scenario?!

We'd Like You to Wear the Riskiest Thing Possible! image

Episode 5

We'd Like You to Wear the Riskiest Thing Possible!

Can I Take a Low-Angle Shot? image

Episode 6

Can I Take a Low-Angle Shot?

Your Boobs Are Fully Exposed. Is That Okay? image

Episode 7

Your Boobs Are Fully Exposed. Is That Okay?

It's My First Time, So Please Be Gentle image

Episode 8

It's My First Time, So Please Be Gentle

And? Did it Spill Out? image

Episode 9

And? Did it Spill Out?

That's a Valid Argument, But Let's Keep It Secret image

Episode 10

That's a Valid Argument, But Let's Keep It Secret

Basically, a Household Search image

Episode 11

Basically, a Household Search

Hime-nii Said He's Quitting the Student Council! image

Episode 12

Hime-nii Said He's Quitting the Student Council!

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Himegoto is one of the weirdest Anime's you will encounter. The amount of Traps in this series is seriously nuts, but they make use of it completely. Story: 6/10 The story, well, is pretty generic and doesn't exist. It's a 4 minute comedy short, so i wouldn't expect a strong story from this. Instead, Himegoto has a back story but doesn't go too deep into it. Its just random comedy shorts, which are pretty excellent in my opinion. Animation: 5/10 Hey, its anime, i don't notice the animation too much unless it decides fall in places or something spectacular happens. Its animated well and is average. nothing too special makes it stand out. Sound: 5/10 The intro and outro are tiny but quite catchy. Nothing special though, and the sound is pretty generic. Nothing stands out, average! Characters: 6/10 The characters are done quite well. Some are plain and seen done before, but there was a few where I must admit, I was caught off gaurd. They suit the series and thats what matters, but they arent anything too rememorable. Overall: My Opinon 8/10  Rating: 5/10 I really enjoyed this, It was something a little different. Its comedy was well suited and was the perfect thing to watch in between the big 25 minute episodes. Though pointless, i found myself watching each episode twice as it seemed like a good way to burn ten minutes when an episode was released. Unfortunately, Its not something I would rate highly amongst the other anime's, simply because if you marathon this, It wont be anything special and it never will be. Its a fun short, but will be easily forgotten. I recommend watching this while watching another series, otherwise it will probably be dry. Unless you get into it, of course.


This had a lot of potential, but by the end it was just painful to watch. During the first episodes you wonder why they are just 4 minutes when it certainly deserve to be more, but by the final episodes you tell yourself "oh, thats why". For those of you who think "I like randomness and traps so I will watch this" prepare yourselves for a boredom so strong it feels like something is hurting your soul. Story (Spoilers): Well there is none, a guy gets saved by some girls from scary people that want to dress him like a girl to sell his body and end up dressing like a girl and selling his body. The rest of the episodes are what should be considered "just trap things", being confused for a girl by guys, buying clothes, everyone tring to rape you, etc. This is all, and I mean all. By the end they try to add depth and fail misserably. I say 1/10 because I'm just that bad at rating. Animation: What can I say, its animated using the bread and butter of the moe religion. Everything is close ups and big eyes, but since I didn't feel like something was hovering out of place so 5/10 because I have no idea how to rate things. Sound (Spoilers... Maybe?): Let me begin with the story of the greatest opening I can remember: When I was younger I began watching this anime (for dramatic purposes, I decided to watch it today :P) and the most unexpected thing in the world happened when I pushed play. Expecting some kind of cutesy and too happy to be realistic OP I was welcomed with what sounded like a man who drinks and smokes too much yelling angrily "where the hood where the hood where the hood at" with rap music trying to be heard between his screams, and after 30 seconds of this while "moe" characters jumped around happily it ended leaving me with laughter born out of confusion. Later I learned it was the subtitlers messing around who added the song over the original OP (which, predictably, was a mess of impossible happiness that feeds on the despair of those who listen to it and are forced to remember their lives will never be as happy as that song). Still, its the most surprising event since I discovered how to use a microwave to make sandwiches with melted cheese. So I say 9/10 for the where the hood at, 1/10 for the annoying voices and despair inducing OP, because I just suck at rating stuff beyond a simple "good or bad" scale. Characters (Possibly spoilers... about life): What can I say, we have a bunch of girls who act like a trap is special because he's cute, even though they are surrounded by traps and boys who want to rape traps. I would say this is an argument about the decadence of our morality as society, in which that which is uncommon becomes more desirable. This, in turn, means that everything that our ancestors tried to eliminate is now worshipped and desired. Kind of reminds me of a story about an idol and some tablets being thrown, I think from the anti-apple groups of the internet calling everyone I-diots even though they do exactly the same with their loved brands, in the end we are all so stupid the only way we can feel smart is calling others stupid. It's kinda sad, but I guess I don't care enough about others to change things. I should work on that. I say 3/10 because meh, I remembered that I get bored of things easily when I got bored of writting this. Overall: What can I say beyond anything else I have said? If you expect me to tell you if you should watch it or that you shouldn't, well... do whatever you want. I give this show a 3/10 because I sometimes wonder if anything has meaning at all, we work for money to use in crap we dont have the time to enjoy because we are working, then we have to work harder because we have to pay the cost of the things we really need and we end up tired, in pain and sick, until we are too tired, in pain, sick and old to work which ends with our families abandoning us to rot until we die and then they all appear to fight for whatever you had left. But hey, at least a girl I met in the supermarket smiled at me today, she wasn't that pretty but at least I confirmed I'm not a shadow or something.

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