Hime-sama Goyoujin

TV (12 eps)
2.401 out of 5 from 170 votes
Rank #8,778

When the bumbling Himeko Tsubaki was late for tennis practice one day, she had no idea that she'd stumble, literally, into becoming royalty! After accidentally donning a magical crown that was stolen by the thieves Karen and Leslie, Himeko finds her status upgraded to hime-sama - a queen! Many desire the crown, such as the thieves themselves and a gibberish-speaking little girl; but the worst thing of all is that Himeko is unable to remove the crown from her head!

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Story: The story of this anime is pretty random it has a definite premise but other than that it seems pretty much random. Bearing that in mind Hime sama Gyoujin is moderately funny the bar for humor is pretty low but if you're like me you'll laugh at anything at least once. That being said if you don’t like random humor caused by unrealistic situations this anime is to be avoided. Animation: The animation is old-school but good nothing special but nothing wrong either it fits the show pretty well (I don’t know enough about animation to go into any sort of detail but is was fine by my standard). Sound: I liked the sound the opening and ending were both rather fitting, in that they were whimsical and fit with the overall presentation of the show but nothing to write home about. I watched this anime subbed (not sure if it even got dubbed) so when it comes to voices they were all fine I can’t say much in that respect, however the voice of the main character does get annoying after a while. Characters: They were all pretty straight forward what you see is what you get type characters they all seem to have one overall trait which governs how they act and respond so none of them are hard to figure out after they been on screen for a few minutes. (If you want more detail on that front watch the first episode you’ll see what I mean) Overall: Nothing special a pretty whimsical anime watch if you have nothing else you intend to watch. Also this anime makes a pretty good relief show after you've seen something more dramatic or serious in anyway.  

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