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Years ago Hinata Himawari was saved from an airplane by a male ninja with a tattoo on his neck, and she’s wanted to become a ninja ever since. In the present, Himawari has been accepted into the secret ninja school for girls, Shinobi Gakuen; but upon her arrival she finds much more than she was expecting: Marikoji Hayato, the school newest teacher who has a tattoo just like her benefactor! Himawari decides to claim him as her master and vows to train her hardest to become a ninja worthy of his praise, but both Hayato and she face a great deal of skepticism from the students and staff. Regardless, Himawari is determined to be the best ninja she can be, and Hayato is determined to pay off his debt!

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Story: Not very good. I did not watch all the episodes but I have friends who did they tell me it did not get much better than what I saw. The story of Himawari has very good potential. The problem was the show took the wrong direction with what it had, They went for a light comedy and though I love that genre if they had added some drama to the series it would have been drastically improved as it stands now it seems like a parody of Naruto, even though I like the idea of a parody of Naruto this show took itself to seriously to be parodic.  Animation: I have said it before and I'll say it again I am not an animator so I don’t feel I should judge this aspect too harshly. What I did notice was that it was rather jumpy the characters motions had no real flow it was like one minute this pose the next that pose, it took away from my engagement in the show also the backgrounds and scene transitions were really static and jarring, you could tell when the background changed because it was all of a sudden a completely different even if the characters themselves made no move to change where they were.  Sound: The music went unnoticed by me what I did notice was the voices and the effects. The voices were not very pleasant they did not seem to fit the characters very well in my opinion, the effects were clunky and some even off in timing. I really did not enjoy the audio.   Characters: The characters were very interesting in their design but very poorly represented I already mentioned the voices now I'll talk about their actions. They were all clichéd but had one or two original qualities about them, and that’s what made them interesting in design, but they had the same gag every episode for each character and those became so annoying but the persisted to do them anyway. I don’t want to go into too much detail on each character cause that would take too long but here is the short version: Himawari Hinata: Main girl, Very clumsy but kind hearted. Gag: she always misinterprets what she hears and is always the only one out of the loop about everything. Hayato Marikoji: Main guy, teacher, cares very much for his students. He is kept out of the loop more so than Hinata. He and Hinata are supposed to have a romantic relationship but this is not so it’s more of a student has crush on well-meaning teacher relationship.  Gag: he is poor and constantly hungry, he will do literally anything for food. Azami: is a cross dresser He is a boy pretending to be a girl to gather info on the all-girls school for the all-boys school.  Gag: everyone knows he is a boy except Hinata and Hayato and even they find out but he knows they see right through him, his info is almost always useless or late. Shikimi: She is this series Nagato (haruhi character) in appearance and personality. Gag: is that she is static and indecent to most everything accept her boyfriend whom she denies Yasura: the anchor that drags this show down into the abyss of mediocrity Himeji: Weapon obsessed American/Japanese Halfling. Gag: she has weapons on her person at all times and loves to use them when they are not needed Tsukiyohime: her existence is a gag she is always drinking miso soup in times of crisis she very rarely appears. Nanafushi: Shikimi's boyfriend  Overall: This anime is not very good from most standpoints but it is not unenjoyable I could not get past the flaws but if you can it will make you smile. I did enjoy somethings I saw but those moments were too few to hold my interest. The humor is very low brow but if you enjoy fart jokes and repetition this is for you. If I had been younger when I watched this I would have really enjoyed it I recommend this anime for kids 8-13.

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