Highschool of the Dead: Drifters of the Dead

OVA (1 ep x 16 min)
3.23 out of 5 from 15,316 votes
Rank #4,629

When the group of survivors leaves mainland Japan for a secluded island, they are beyond relieved to be free of bloodthirsty zombies. They finally feel like things are getting back to normal as they dress in skimpy swimsuits and try to forget what they've seen. But new adventures await them, and life on the island comes with its own brand of danger in High School of the Dead: Drifters of the Dead!

Source: Sentai Filmworks

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It seems that many people scored this ova lowly simply because it was about butts, breasts and the OVA didn't really go anywhere with the story. But i hope everyone understands that an OVA is a side story and doesn't necessarily have to be a continuation of the series. From my experience, OVA's for me have always been a comedy episode. Something totally random, something that doesn't really have anything to do with the main story line. Yes, i'm aware that there are OVA's that deal with main story lines that contribute additional info, but i always assume the worst, in this case that the OVA will be a comedy episode, that way I won't be dissapointed at the end of the OVA like so many others.  And of course, the ova for HOTD would be about butts and breasts. It's HOTD! What do you expect? Anyways, i liked it. Not for the breasts and butts. I'd be a liar if i said i didn't like HOTD for the butts and breasts. I'm the same as every other guy watching HODT. But there's a another reason i liked the OVA. Anyways, i liked it because i found the OVA to be very funny. It was very weird but thats why i found it funny. Kohta and his broomstick. I was like " What is wrong with this guy?" but i was laughing at how weird he was. And takashi at the end..."oh man!". That's about it. All the other parts i was really kind of bored. The Girls making a move on the each other was "meh". Yeah sure, we got to see their breasts and ass more but if you've already seen the entire 1st season of HOTD then you've had more than enough time to see those. Story - 8 Simple plot. Didn't really like the part where the girls make a move on each other. I could have gone without that but i'm sure some guy out there is enjoying that part. Animation - 9 great as always. Sound - 9 great as always. Characters - 8 Same old HOTD characters. Feel free to leave a comment. I love feedback on my reviews.


Story: Tits and butts- thats it. Of course, you can't expect much of a story from a stand alone OVA, but this was the most mindless OVA I've ever seen. The HOTD crew get stuck on a island in the middle of their scary zombie break out, and what do they do? Feel glad their safe? Try to get back to what little civilisation they were at? No, they get out the swimsuits (as if during an zombie apocalypse you'd happen to be carrying around micro-bikinis) and show some flesh. I suppose it was good to have some nice easy-going fun after the stress and action of the original HOTD, but this was just too much ecchi for me to stomach. Animation: This was very good, but irritating at times. How many more bouncing JJ-cups must I be forced to watch as girls go waddling around sensually splashing each other in micro-bikinis? I felt so dirty for watching it, and just wanted to see some zombies start attacking them already- but this episode seemed completely devoid of zombies, what are the whole point of the anime. Sound: This was pretty good, not much else to say about it. Nothing particularly bad or good. Characters: The same clueless characters, but not much character interaction actually happenned, just a few giggles as people splashed each other in the sea and dirty laughter as people thought up dirty scenarios in their heads regarding the girls. Overall: This OVA isn't really vital to the storyline of HOTD, if you don't like ecchi then I suggest you just skip it and wait to see if HOTD Season 2 is going to be released. Otherwise, if you do like ecchi, then this is most definitely the OVA of your dreams. Happy watching.

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