High School Fleet

Alt title: Haifuri

TV (12 eps)
3.603 out of 5 from 1,801 votes
Rank #2,916
High School Fleet

Akeno Misaki and Moeka China share one goal—to join the Blue Mermaids! A group of fierce women, the Blue Mermaids are key to keeping peace among the seas and coastal cities in this age of maritime trade. To be a part of this elite group of sea protectors, they must succeed at Yokosuka's Marine High School. Akeno and Moeka, together with their classmates, will take the plunge to become Mermaids!

Source: Funimation

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Giving Good Girls Giant GunsSo what would they do with them?Well of course they would only do good things. Meaning the laws of physics and probability have to be altered to see that nobody ever gets hurt and the good girls always win and that the bad guys can only be seen to be like rats.High School Fleet is a story unsure whether it wants to be a farcical comedy or something more serious resulting in an inconsistent narrative. The best parts are the comedic where our girls try to treat the ship like a domestic setting and the cringing worst parts are where the bridge crew share their feelings in the midst of a life and death fire fight. Fortunately the enemy is always considerate enough to stop shooting at them at these times.The protagonist Akeno Misaki is another Miho Nishizumi or Nagisa Furukawa clone. The diffident irresolute mousy haired girl. The worst person to captain or command other people. Fortunately she is endlessly propped up by her female fellows as she stumbles forward with the unstoppable power of anime physics behind her to win the day and save everyone. No exceptions. No need for anyone to get hurt in wars. Good message for the young.The rest of the characters are pretty much the usual mixture of arch types. The first officer Mashiro Munetani fits her role most adequately of all the girls keeping it all from sinking and chief engineer Maron Yanagiwara plays at being Scotty from Star Trek.The artwork and effects are of a good standard. The music track fits the setting. The ships are modeled accurately and animated nicely. Sometimes the size scales are off a bit.'High School Fleet' attempts to be 'Girl und Panzers' with ships instead of tanks and a bit more serous. But it does not work and consequently it is not as good. Strangely enough the only foreigners to show up are the Germans again. The only great power of last century the Japanese did not fight, does that say something?While watching I frequently forgot that this was about girls at school because of all that was at stake - just one shell hits their ship and they all die. High School Fleet has one thing up on most other school based anime, the girls have a justifiable reason for wearing the sailor suits. Go watch Girls und Panzers first and if you like it then give this a try.


Before I get started!: I would like to point out a few things, most importantly I do not post spoilers in my reviews, This anime is similar to anime such as Strike Witches and Girls und Panzer! If you do not like them you better go find something else. Story!:  I must admit im a very big fan of the story! However it will be hard to convey how good it is without spoilers, but I will try my best, The story of this anime starts out slow! and I am talking lucky star slow, (not quite slow I know), but not long into the first episode it will start to speed up and more and more things will become apparent, It is a very gripping story with a nice amount of emotions and good pacing, while there are a couple of filler episodes those fillers actually serve their own purpose, you will understand that if you watch either way, Overall I feel the story of this anime is pretty special! Animation!: The Animation in Haifuri is not exactly what I was expecting, its good but not really the best, at points the animation looks a little lacking while in other scenes the animation is really good, not quite Hyouka good but close enough, most of the animation budget seems to have been spent on the effect rather than making the anime look beautiful, but considering the story It suits the anime. Sound: Sound is alright! was as I was expecting from watching similar anime such as strike witches and Girls und Panzer, However! some of the music in this anime can strike up emotion and the voice acting is right up there at the top, look up you might see it, no? you do not see the flying Loli? oh well! Characters: I loved the characters in this anime almost as much as I loved the story, there is a perfect range of different characters, and some nice conflict to add to the equation, I feel the character development was pretty good too! lolis need lots of good development! By the way did I mention the loli army in this anime? THERE IS LITTERELY AN ARMY OF LOLI PEOPLE, okay I shall calm down now. FINAL VERDICT:  This Anime was extremely enjoyable, and I am talking about watch all in one night enjoyable, I hope anyone who watches this anime will enjoy it as much as me, the ending is perfect and leaves nothing left open or atleast nothing a loli could fit through, the Story was gripping until the end and the characters were not just fun to watch but you also feel attatched to them, like you would feel attatched to puppy only after it has gone missing and you cant find it! you always expect something to happen during the anime!.

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