High School DxD NEW

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Issei Hyodo is back with all of his voluptuous friends only this time he has more power than ever before. With the Excalibur swords and the Archangel Michael joining him in battle against the deadliest of foes yet, only time will tell if the Occult Research Club continues to thrive or if new leadership is needed to usher in a new magical era.

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Every male tweenager's wet dream... a mixture of tits, mythology, school life, tits, girls, more tits, panties, tits, crappy protagonist and of course, boobs. The existence of this anime proves that there is a legion of moral hating people (who have yet to leave their rebellious teenager phase) paying money so studious can churn out pieces of work like Highschool DxD New.  Yeah yeah i know the diehard fans will hate me for the score, but hey its true. Get your hands out of your pants for a few minutes and then read this review. Story The premise of the main story was one which was full of potential. Three major factions: The Church, Demons, and Fallen Angels vie for power and dominace over each other. That being said, the smaller story which revolved around our protagonist was utter crap. Typical harem cliches to appease the perverted fantasy requirments of guys everywhere. Not one episode passed where our protagonist's face wasn't being shoved up or against a pair of boobs or panties. Regardless, even with the unorganized and mediocre storyline, the anime does manage to cover quite a lot of content. The pacing is not bad and very little fillers are used. Probably one of the few redeeming qualities of this show.Now when it comes to the actual plot, the show effectively murdered historical mythology. As a big fan of both history, mythology and religion, I could not keep my bias out when watching this anime, however, I am trying to tone it down in this review. This anime twisted religion and the occult to fit into a custom mold, which isn't such a bad thing in itself but one must retain some sort of reseblence to the source material for it to make sense. Apparently the "power of friendship" is able to kick the ass of demons, angels, humans, mutants, Chuck Norris, Buddha and everything in between. Of course, the "power of friendship" is second only to the "Great Power of the Perverted One" a.k.a magical horny powers. Need a boost while fighting a demon? Think about boobs...ONLY boobs and you shall recieve the pwoer of Satan himself.  Animation Well seeing that the show was created for nothing more than eye candy, it does a decent job of it. The animation was sharp and fluid with focus given to character design, emotions and actions. Fight scenes were pretty detailed and fun to watch in their own right. The backgrounds were pretty bland but character detail compensated for it. Sound The background musicwas extremely repititive. They recorded like 3 tunes and replayed them over and over again. One for the seductive scenes, one for the fight scenes and one for everything else. Voice acting was where this section won points. Characters sounded natural and showed great emotion. Really helped their cause because God knows, the actual characters themselves (i.e. their personality, traits etc.) were horrendous. Characters You know what time it is? Its time for extremely-weak-balless-pervert-becoming-main-character time! Issei, our beloved protagonist, tops the balless lead chart right alongside Raki from Claymore and Shinji from Evangelion, and lets not forget the retard from Saikano (forgot his name). Every single quality he posesses defines him as a stalker in the making. From loli love to ripping girls clothes off, he has it all covered. But guess what? Instead of handing him over to the police, or killing him for that matter, most of the girls in the vicinity get the hots for him. They just need his alien potato thing (read: baby) inside of them to feel whole... Issei has NO REDEEMING QUALITIES. He is the type of dumbass who is the weakest of the lot and yet fights against these elite soldiers and wins...all because of the "power of friendship." Over-passionate brat is an understatment. Now lets move on to the girls. Except for Koneko, every single one of them got wet just hearing Issei's damn voice. Defined by a single main quality or two, the girls existed only to console boys fresh into the awkward stage of puberty that they too could get the beautiful girl if they were just perverted enough. Hell, even the other males in the show only existed as foil for Issei's sexual assaults on the girls. They each have a background story, yet it is not expanded upon as much as it should have. The character development is done in a better manner. It was fun to see how each character changed over time (except for Issei. I hope he goes to Hell) or as new events unfolded.  Overall Hey its a good anime to watch if you shut your brain off, pull down your pants and have a box of tissues ready. You might also watch it for its references to history and religion but be prepared to be disappointed. With the way this anime portrays religion, only memebers of the black church of satan or the likes could possibly like the references in any way. 

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