Hi no Tori: Yamato-hen

Alt title: Phoenix: Yamato Chapter

OVA (1 ep x 48 min)
3.54 out of 5 from 148 votes
Rank #5,178

In 5th century Japan, Prince Oguna of Yamato departs for Kyushu to conquer Kumaso. Oguna, however, had an additional motive in mind: to obtain the elixir of life, the lifeblood of a Phoenix, for the people who are to be immolated on account of his father's death. After entering the country of Kumaso, Oguna is attracted by the personality of Takeru, the King of Kumaso, and also falls in love with his younger sister, Kajika. However, appearing in front of Oguna, the Phoenix orders him to kill Takeru and go back to Yamato. Oguna goes back to his country with a cloth soaked with the Phoenix's blood. Although he tries to stop construction of a tomb for the king and the immolation, he fails, and is to be buried alive. He then lets the people who are to be immolated taste the blood of the Phoenix. Even after he is buried alive, he continues to sing a song against the immolations from underground.

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