Hi no Tori

Alt title: Phoenix

TV (13 eps)
3.48 out of 5 from 540 votes
Rank #3,316

From swordsmen to robots, from ancient tribal cultures to civilizations that reach the stars, there is one force that dominates all others: life. From birth to death, and rebirth again, it is life that permeates the soul and opens up to us the mysteries of the universe. Within this tale of the phoenix and those who would be touched by its beauty, we are shown the joys and tragedies that life sometimes hands us, and what we, as humans, must do to survive...

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sothis Sep 26, 2004
Score 9.5/10

Wow. The word flowed through my mind at a snail's pace as I absorbed what I had just seen, as the ending credits to Hinotori scrolled down the screen. Have you ever watched an anime that’s hard to pay attention to? When it’s really hard to force yourself to finish it at all, let alone quickly? You know the type: a genre you dislike, a boring storyline, or anything in between – you... read more

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vivafruit Jan 16, 2005
Score 7/10

When a director decides to eschew the standard glitz that plagues contemporary anime, the quality of the story is really all that matters. In the end, the creator must trust that the tale they are telling is a good one, and that it alone will be able to keep the viewers' attention. As luck would have it, Hi no Tori has a more than respectable storyline. Narratives... read more

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