Hetalia: World Series

Web (48 eps x 5 min)
2010 - 2011
Spring 2010
4.119 out of 5 from 6,949 votes
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Though conflicts and struggles continue throughout history, it’s always the little things in life that make it all the more memorable. Whether it’s Prussia complaining about his lack of screen time, Greece attempting to convince Japan to get angry, or trying to find a way to relieve England’s runny nose, the gaggle of gorgeous guys from around the globe will attempt to work their way through any troublesome situation the world throws at them.

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I can't tell you how I found Hetalia but it was worth finding. Axis Powers was pretty good and World Series continues the trend of history overshadowed by comedy between the Axis and Allies and everybody inbetween. If you liked the former, there's more of the same stuff to make you enjoy this one. Never liked it? Scram. Never watched it? Start with either one. The plot boils down to snippits of history, historical events and whatnot portrayed with cuteness, cats and bishounen. Loads of bishounen. But that's for latter sections. The story is whatever it wishes to focus on. Either being shipwrecked, the formation of an alliance, trading, travelling; zooming here and there in history while teaching you stuff is it's forte. And in four and a half minute segments (Taking out the EP, otherwise it's nearer to five minutes), it's a nice bite-sized snack of history. I've learned a few things but I wouldn't remember most. What I would remember is how crazy it can get. It's in moderation and not a flat out mindscrew or WTF bafflement but considering the stuff it's parodying, it's enjoyable in an offbeat way. And I should mention that Chibitalia makes a return, with lesser parts than before, Spain and Mini-Romano and Catalia here and there. It's just that oddball. What's more crazy is how it can still infuse history into it. It doesn't make sense and yet it does. Have to give it props for this. You have to admit, they are good looking. The characters are all about looking good and pulling off exaggerated facial expressions if the situation calls for it. Also about the charm of good looking guys and a girl here and there. It's not incredibly detailed but that's to be expected. The shine and simplicity of the characters work in it's favor and it's a delight to behold. The OP that lasts a few seconds brings back memories of Axis Powers and I'm glad that it wasn't changed. It's short but grand and it doesn't fit the overall picture but I love it everytime I hear it. The EP is not exactly a shade of it's former self nor is it a completely different person. Neither is it a twin but it retains some of the traits and bits of the one before it. Been a while since I've heard the Axis Powers EP but unlike the OP, it suits it perfectly; silly, whimsical and to add the bow to the present, sung but Italy. The voice overs I enjoyed and especially the title cards for segments, particularly United States of Hetalia! 2! So over-the-top that it's hilarious. The characters are countries and since we learn about histories about said countries (Parts of at least), it's character backstory. Sort of. But it helps in showing us who they are and those traits represent their actual countries as a whole most of the time. They have their quirks and traits with the main cast being the mains in the Axis and Allies. But some segments and episodes are devoted to others, with Spain and Romano (Southern Italy?) and Hungary and Prussia. You remember whose who for the most part and they're fun to watch. For a series that's five minutes per episode, you don't expect much but it's more than the sum of it's parts. It's meant to be taken in bite-sized segments and shouldn't be rushed. I learned that after the first series and took my time for this one, which lead to me enjoying it more. Hetalia: World Series is all about charm and wackiness in it's comedy while being a parody of history.


NOTE: Before I start this review, this review has little "Fanfic-esque" moments, and of course... This review was intended to be over-the-topCritic's Log - Earthdate: August 13, 2012. Review #17: Hetalia: World Series Hello Ladies and Gentleman from every nation, did you enjoy watching the 2012 London Summer Olympics? If you did, good for you. If you didn't care much for the Olympics, Well, it's not going to bother me much since I didn't really see a lot of the competition. Well, it seems that America ranked #1 in the Games of the XXX (30th) Olympiad. It seems the 2014 Winter G... *My phone rings* (this is the little "Fanfic-esque" moment I was talking about) Me: "Hello" America: Hey Dude, it's me...America! Me: America!? What's up? America: Oh, just celebrating our success at the Olympics, because we so totally kicked ass. Me: I'm not so sure if bragging about your success in the Olympics is such a good idea. America: You think so? Well you do have a point. I just get carried away sometimes with stuff like this. I guess I shouldn't brag too much about it too much Me: Ye... America:  Because If I keep going... I might get my ass kicked, Me: Uh.. America: But don't worry about saving me, because I am the hero after all! Me. O.. America: So did you watch the Olympic... *I hang up the phone*  Damn! Mr. America won't shut the hell up. Anyway... It seems the 2014 Winter Games are scheduled to take place in Sochi, Russia, and the... *My Phone Rings Again* Me: Hello? Russia: Hello, my name is Ivan but I usually go by Russia Me: Ok Russia: Well I just wanted to tell you that I hope you look forward to the Ceremonies for the next Winter Games, we are attempting on putting out a really great show for the 2014 Winter Games that many countries can appreciate. Well, see you around. Me: Bye *Conversation ends* Well, that was short. Anyway, the 2014 Winter Games will be held at Sochi, Russia and The 2016 games will be held... *My Phone rings again* DAMN IT! Me: Hello? England/Britain: Listen up you stupid git, and listen good Me: Excuse me? England/Britain: Oh, my foremost apologies, I thought this was America's number. Me: You got the wrong number Sir... England/Britain: The name's Arthur, but I go by England or Britain Me: Ok Sir Arthur, Sir England, Sir Britain England/Britain: any name is fine, sorry for calling you a stupid git. Me: It's alright England/Britain: So, did you see the Ceremonies? Me: I missed the Opening Ceremony, but I saw the closing ceremony that had The Who in it. England/Britain: I'm listening Me: I actually think you guys put on a good show and you sended off the London Olympic Games with a bang. England/Britain: Why thank you kind sir! Well, I might as well get going. I have some things that I must attend to through my daily schedule. Can you do me a small favor? Me: What is it? England/Britain: Can you tell that stupid bloody wanker America to stop bragging about how many golds that his country has won? Me: Already told him, he called me before you did. England/Britain: Oh! Well, thanks for proving a point to him Me: Question: How did you, America, and Russia know my number? England/Britain: That information is classified kind sir... *He hangs up* Okay then... *I turn off my phone so I don't get interrupted again*... The 2014 Winter Games will be held in Sochi, Russia and 2016 Summer Games will be held in Rio de Janiero, Brazil You know what, I just realized something... WHY AM I WASTING TIME TALKING ABOUT THE OLYMPICS!? I GOT A REVIEW TO DO! Here is Hetalia: World Series! Because I am awesome and Anime is Awesome. HETALIA!  Italy was once home of the strongest empire in the world. Now it has changed. Italy is now a cowardly pasta loving fool, and his friends also go through strange moments in World History. Wait a damn minute! I JUST SAID THE SAME DAMN THING IN MY AXIS POWERS REVIEW!... Well to make a long story short, this is a continuation of the same premise but with the addition of Cats, I like Cats, and I LOVE DOGS! HETALIA!  To Be Technical, This is yet another Studio Deen production and yet another installment in their internet series of Hetalia. Everything looks nearly the same as before and I guess it is not something to gripe about too much in this series. HETALIA! I actually have nothing much to complain this time; I will just give you a fair warning... I don't think Hetalia: World Series is perfect, but I do like this anime. I got a flame shield ready just in case for any situation HETALIA!  The music isn't too important in this show, except for its ending theme. Marukaite Chikyuu is used for a small number of episodes until it changes to Hatafutte Parade. I like the new closing theme but I FIND MARUKAITE CHIKYUU ADDICTINGLY CATCHY DAMN IT! HETALIA! The Characters are all lovable in this series, the old faces are still funny and then there are some new faces. Prussia is definitely a welcome addition in the series, and Turkey is another one too. Greece is another good addition as well. HETALIA! The Subbed Version is listenable in this series like Axis Powers, but I actually kind of prefer the dub in Hetalia: World Series (same with Axis Powers plus the movie) I already have explained in my Hetalia: Axis Powers review that I liked the dub because of the range of accents that can be heard from the dub compared to the Subbed version. The Japanese voices are not bad in this show. I just like the dub in this one. There are too many cast members to speak of, because most of the performances are actually quite good, I already gave my kudos to Funimation for actually making this one of the funniest dubs they have done recently, or did I. Anyway I just did.... HETALIA!  Since I pretty much have said all that is reviewable for this anime, I guess I can fill you in on what I think of this anime. I really like it, this anime might land on my favorites list. I like the humor, I like the characters, I like the closing theme Marekaite Chikyuu, and I like how every episode is 5 minutes long. I also realized that there's a lot more sexual humor than Axis Powers. I think my favorite scene with this type of humor was the Codpiece moment. It aroused me with laughter especially when the Japanese text is translated as "D**k Holder" (I did not say aroused as in "I'm turned on", get your mind out of the gutter) And let's not forget... The Crotch Cloth moment. That is probably one of the funniest Prussia moments, and speaking about the sexual humor that this show has, Let's just pray that France does not have his own special segments, because if he does, I bet you he's gonna bring up sexual topics like the birds and the bees and GENITALIA! *I'm now doing my French Laugh Impression*MEEOOWWW!  The only parts of Hetalia I sort of don't like (This is just strictly opinion) is some of the Chibi Romano and Spain moments, and I only liked a few Nekotalia / Catalia segments.RAWRRRRR!  I will admit, I have never heard of this anime until it was licensed in the US. It got quickly popular through word-of-mouth and this series has sort of developed a cult following. It has a large fanbase and It wasn't big at first, and a lot of people enjoy it for what it is. Also, a cult following isn't meant to be confused with religious cults, it's actually a play on words... Look it up on wikipedia. Due to Hetalia's surprising popularity, a fifth season of Hetalia has been green-lit and should be released eventually, As for Shirohata Bob (The Director of this anime)... Like Axis Powers, he does not disappoint on World Series, and let's hope that Season 5 is better than ever. MEEOOWWW! Hetalia: World Series is available by Funimation, The Hetalia manga by Himaruya Hidekazu was available by Tokyopop but now it is available by Right Stuf, A video game called "Academy Hetalia Portable" for the PSP was never released in the US.MEEOWW! With that said, Hetalia: World Series is a continuation of a really funny series that has political and historical satire. World Series is a bit funnier than Axis Powers, but it’s good that way. I had a lot of fun watching this, when I go to Sakura-con next year, I will have a costume probably made and I will be cosplaying as Germany and I look forward to the fifth season of Hetalia. Like Axis Powers and the movie Paint it, White, This is definitely an anime to watch with friends. I give Hetalia: World Series an 8 out of 10, for its comedy, It is VERY GOOD! Feel free to leave a comment and have some Pasta! Now if you'll excuse me, I have some meetings that I must attend to.

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