Hetalia: World Series

Web (48 eps x 5 min)
2010 - 2011
Spring 2010
3.949 out of 5 from 6,084 votes
Rank #1,239

Though conflicts and struggles continue throughout history, it’s always the little things in life that make it all the more memorable. Whether it’s Prussia complaining about his lack of screen time, Greece attempting to convince Japan to get angry, or trying to find a way to relieve England’s runny nose, the gaggle of gorgeous guys from around the globe will attempt to work their way through any troublesome situation the world throws at them.

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-Story- Even though I still found the story to be entertaining with all of the jokes and historical references that I love, it just did not seem to measure up to Hetalia: Axis Powers. I feel that Axis Powers was better than World Series. I felt that this was because of the exploration of the other countries in the series other than the main Axis and Allies characters, while it was good, it made me wish that I could watch more of the Axis and Allies. Also the jokes didn't seem to be as funny as the jokes in Axis Powers. I felt that World Series was a decent series in its own right, but it fell short of my expectations from the previous series. -Animation- Same great animation from Axis Powers returns here in World series, with the excellent character designs. -Characters- I fell in love with the Axis and Allies from Axis Powers, and the few various other characters that they ran across there, but I just did not feel the same connection with the characters who got more time in World Series that I did with the Axis and Allies. While they still play a major part in the series, they are not as big and have to share the spotlight with characters I did not connect to as well in World Series. Some exceptions include Prussia and Hungary, which I found quite funny and entertaining to watch, but I did not like Poland so well, and I'd have to say that he is my least favorite character in the series. While the vast majority of the other characters are also good, I just didn't feel the same connection with them as I did the Axis and Allies. -Overall- While I still enjoyed World Series, it fell short for me due to the expectations I had of it from Axis Powers. I would still recommend it, but it is not as good as Axis Powers.


I love it still! There are a lot of times where the third season isn’t as good as the first and second but this one isn’t one of them! It’s hard not to have the second season of a comedy go bad though it can happen.Prussia’s attitude is spot on, giving him the somewhat annoying feeling but with that awesome felling we get. I really don’t get his voice though. I would of thought it would be a bit closer to Germany’s instead of Austria’s accent.  Even though Germany and Italy are separate, we still get times where Italy is sneaking into Germany’s bed still! This show actually reminds me a lot of why people want to do most of the pairings; it shows a lot more of the feelings between the nations and opens up possibilities into what they feel. Some things that they say actually can be taken wrong and give girls like me who am into Yaoi a chance to swoon because of it. I really want them to actually create a new season because there are so many characters that came up at the end of the show and they really need to show them more!The OVA doesn’t really feel like an OVA in a sense because of how close it is to the actual show that I don’t know why they didn’t just put it together. The artwork is the same as the first one, not changing the awesome look of it at all. The voice actors are perfect and witty in there stereotypical banter. I love both English and Japanese dubs and can’t wait to see even more of them. They bring a lot of new characters in and sometimes it is a little hard to understand some of the accents or words they use. I’m not all that fond of Poland’s accent, I think it should be a little more valley girl but it is pretty good in getting the stuck up feeling.

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