Hetalia Axis Powers: Paint it, White!

Alt title: Ginmaku Hetalia: Axis Powers - Paint it, White (Shiroku Nure!)

Movie (1 ep x 62 min)
3.685 out of 5 from 3,472 votes
Rank #3,217
Hetalia Axis Powers: Paint it, White!

The Pictorians have arrived from deep in space. They also have dangly glow-balls on their heads, which is kinda cool, but still. The freaky aliens are using use their crazy rainbow-beam-thingy to paint everything on Earth the same color: white! See, now the title of the movie makes more sense, right? Anyway, if the Pictorians are to be stopped, the Allied guys and the Axis boys - plus some new characters, too - must set aside their differences, unite against their common foe, and hopefully get together for a sweaty workout to make sure they're super-ready to save the world! 

Source: Funimation

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Starting out by saying that I only try and do positive reviews, I believe I can continue having the reader of this bare in mind that I will try to stay on the more positive side of things rather than the negative.  However, that doesn't mean I'll turn a blind eye to the aspects that need improvement.  Without furthur a-do, let us begin. If you're looking for something serious, Hetalia will never be your cup of tea.  If you're looking for the historical aspect of Hetalia, you won't find much of that either.  This was more of a fun little movie that made little sense but still was a ton of fun to watch.  But, I believe that's the way Hetalia has always been; sure, the history behind it is what makes the humor, but watching the human personification of France and England fight over something so trivial as the way an alien race percieves you that you stop paying attention in the middle of their invasion to take over planet earth, then I think you have a nice little, 'I'm not having a great day and need a pick-me-up' movie.  Or, alternativly, you have a, 'I'm in a silly mood and want to watch something funny' movie, or, 'I just kind of feel like it' movie. In terms of animation, there is little to speak of since the characters actually break the fourth-wall and make fun of their own animation.  It's very simply, perhaps a bit sloppy, but that gives it a special kind of charm that make Hetalia what it is and what it's supposed to be.  Nonesense. I usually do not watch dubs, but it seems the English voice actors were given lines that made things twice as raunchy and terrible than the Japanese actors.  With China's famous line, 'Suck balls!  I knew fortune cookie was full of bad lie!"  And, or course, who could forget France's, "I refuse to look as ugly as the rest of you!"  And the fact that Switzerland is even able to block out an alien attack with his nutrality is gold. The ending has to be one of the most adorable things I've seen.  It takes all the characters (even those who weren't in the movie) and has them dance.  It was nothing super fancy, but it was a cutesy type of deal. My only minor complaint has to be the interuptions throughout the movie.  There are various clips taken from the rest of the show (previous episodes) and are placed in the middle of the movie.  It felt like that was the way it was used to segway into the next scene, but it didn't properly do it justice.   Overall, this movie, for being a pleasent fun laughable story that you can watch on any kind of day earns a 9/10 on my scale.

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