Heroines Run the Show: The Unpopular Girl and the Secret Task

Alt title: Heroine Tarumono! Kiraware Heroine to Naisho no Oshigoto

TV (12 eps)
3.693 out of 5 from 1,084 votes
Rank #3,249

Follows Hiyori Suzumi, a high school girl who becomes a manager-in-training for the high school idol unit LIP×LIP. Hiyori left her hometown to pursue her passion, track and field, by enrolling in Tokyo's Sakuragaoka High School. Looking for a part-time job in Tokyo, she ended up working as an apprentice manager for her classmates (and LIP×LIP members) Yuujirou Someya and Aizou Shibasaki. The story revolves around the coming-of-age of Hiyori (as she juggles school, extracurricular life, and managing) and LIP×LIP (as they shine on stage).

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Being a 23 year old guy, I was hesitant at first for taking up this anime as it looked like a typical shoujo story. But also being a huge honeyworks fan, I wanted to give it a try. To my surprise, I liked this anime, much that I finished it in two days. Story (8/10)I was constantly on the lookout to see for cliche shoujo tropes like the guy kabedon-ing (pinning to a wall) the girl so that I can drop this and move on, but I could find none. The story and the scenarios were more on the drama and SOL side than on the shoujo genre. It was unexpected for me since I went in with the expectations of the latter. Animation (7/10)The animations didn't disappoint me either. I was on the verge of PTSD when the dance scenes came, afraid that they are gonna use CGI, but they didn't. The dances were not that great, since they were not the main part of the story. I was also afraid that they will just insert their songs randomly in between the story but no they didn't. The characters and the background was average, and nothing of them will affect your watch. Sound (8/10)Of course, you would expect good BGMs and insert songs from an anime inspired from a music video, and they didn't disappoint. I didn't notice any good BGMs or inserts since I was too focused on the story, but I can confidently say nothing on the sounds was off the mark. The OP and ED were great, the OP being my favourite and the reason I gave this anime a try. Characters (8/10)The main part of the anime, the characters. You can say that the main protagonists of the anime is the potato-face and LIPxLIP. They are shown good character growth throughout the anime, not only because of interactions between them, but also with other side characters, putting the spotlight on them once in a while.Speaking about side characters, I did notice some characters from other Honeyworks song like Mona and Nana. That's when I looked up and saw that there is a whole eco-system of Honeyworks anime. Overall (7.75/10)You don't have to know full about the Honeyworks ecosystem or listen to the songs to get the full feel of this anime. You can just dive head into this without thinking. This anime was honestly, relaxing to watch. The drama didn't feel too intense (It kinda did at the last part of the anime), and all the characters were likable.If you want drama with good endings, all happy routes, then you can give this a try. But if you are looking for a realistic portray of the idol culture, and school life, I don't think this will meet your expectations.

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