Hellsing Ultimate

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Nov 23, 2011

I watch this anime over and over again. I'd watched it at least 100 times no kidding. I've never been before so taken by any kind of story so much.

Story 10/10

I start with the only bad thing in the story. For some reason scenarist squeezes into some scenes between action or credits really bad jokes. Why? It's not necessary. Some jokes in series are funny (i.e. coffin, Harkonnen, tourist group) others are not (Bruce Willis, tobacco). Luckily they are kept at minimum and rest story is so great I overlook this matter.
Otherwise the story is pure perfection. Every gesture, every sentence has meaning. There are no stupid filler episodes. I don't have to skip boring parts even if I watch each episode over and over again. Because there is no such a thing. Story contains lot of violence but it has its proper place in story. Also there is lot of philosophical stuff like "humans vs. monsters". There is great deal of real cultural references (music, places, events).

To my surprise ending credits are for each episode unique original and some are really interesting (ep 03) or funny (ep 04).

Animation 10/10

Hellsing Ultimate has the best animation there is. Somebody might say it's lot of computer graphics. Yes, the animation has been enhanced using computer graphics. But I don't care because it looks awesome (reflection, details, fire). It's like Crysis maxed out on PC. More over I really like How the graphic style of each scene changes to fit the narrative. On one scene there is a handsome man on other one the same person looks like insane demon from hell.

Alucard Open sesame

Sound 10/10

The soundtrack is excellent. It consists mostly of classic music but also mixes some other genres. It gives to anime this epic feeling and still manages to keep the crazy atmosphere like in Hellsing Tv anime.
More over there is short part of real Opera sung in German during one episode and in credits is used once real Nazi march song (Gegen Engeland).

Japanese voice acting is excellent. I recommend to watch in Japanese. I've seen one episode and few other parts in English and there is huge difference in quality. Especially when Alucard is laughing.

Characters 10/10

Almost every character in Hellsing is crazy, insane, freak or weirdo. I like and enjoy each of them and that doesn't happen in any other anime.

Overall 10/10

The one year per episode work is visible in overall quality of Hellsing Ultimate. This anime single-handedly outmatches any anime I've seen so far. Except minor quirks it's perfect action, vampire anime.

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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Jan 10, 2013

Hellsing Ultimate is one of the top action anime ever made. It also ranks as the slowest release anime ever made, since it took 7 years just to create 10 OVAs and not because the manga story was incomplete. It was closer to making sure it would look as awesome as possible, yet even this way it has some really bad quality drops from time to time. 

- Hellsing was originally an action/occult manga, drawn by Hirano Kouta. It became a cult very fast and received a partial adaptation in 2001. It deviated from the manga midway, which disappointed many, so in 2006 a more faithful version was created. 
- The animation is a collaboration of many studios, although the major work was done by the king of anime series, Madhouse itself. It ranks as one of their better works in terms of presentation but pales before what they did with Red Line. 
- Direction is done by different people along the years, and they all had interesting titles in their roster. The first 4 OVAs where done by the same guy who did Haibane Renmei, so you see a lot of attention given to how the characters feel and think. OVAs 5 to 7 are done by the one who did Claymore, so the feeling of the show changed to something that is far slower in pacing and is based on people standing still and terrified for long periods of time. The rest of the OVAs were directed by minor names, so they sort of feel duller than the earlier ones. 

Coming from Madhouse and being of OVA format with almost a year worth of production each, it is expected to look fantastic. To the most part it excels in all sections, from detailed backgrounds, to smooth character motions, vivid facial expressions, great use of lightning / shading, over the top action and bloodshed, exceptional voice acting, and blood-boiling soundtrack. I would in theory give it a perfect score here but the bitter truth is it has lots of quality drops. Especially the various comedic scenes where everybody turns to a silly cartoon are just tasteless and out of place. 

Ok, in all honesty you are going to watch this for the cool factor, the explosions, the trench coats, the round sunglasses, and the tits. If you expect something deeper than that, you won’t find it here. The anime is tagged as seinen only because it has too much violence and swearing to be shown on mainstream television but that does not make it mature in the slightest. Every single character in it is a poser idiot who loves to offer snotty one-liners and chop anything in his path to pieces; end of story. 

At the same time that is its main appeal. Those ridiculous wide smiles, darkness hiding the faces and leaving sunglasses shinning, big guns, bigger explosions, and even bigger muscularity contests based on who owns whom with superpowers. It is also about the kitsch factor of watching a really stupid story being presented in a glorious way and always aware that is stupid so you can have fun at that too. So yeah, you get Vatican vampire hunters fighting Nazi vampires in London. It is as ridiculous as it sounds and it never attempts to be any deeper than that. 

And no, I am not going to give it a good score for being honest at what it is; face value doesn’t fly with me. I prefer stories with rich context tactics in battles, and common sense; something this show lacks completely. Seriously, it is almost entirely pointless violence and poor attempts at fleshing out the characters. 

The protagonist is Alucard. No relation to the one from Castlevania although the anagram of Dracula and his overall appearance is the same. He is basically a god-level vampire in the services of the Hellsing Organization (more references to the original book) and is sent around to kill other vampires. NAZI VAMPIRES that is. This dude is overpowered as hell since he can regenerate from practically any wound and own his opponents with totally hax skills before he sadistically kills them and eats them. He is cool but also boring for the same reason, since there is no real threat to the most part; he can just own everybody. Later on it becomes more interesting after it is proven even he has a few weaknesses but even then it just takes him more time to recover and nothing else.

Speaking of recovering, he is sort of trapped for a long period of time, so he is absent from the field. This is the chance the vampires awaited to make their move and that is where we see the focus being shifted to the secondary characters. Their roles became far more important for awhile; we see them coping on their own, an element which I liked a lot since it offers characterization and importance to more than one god-level character. Integra, Ceres, Anderson, and The Major really shine thanks to the absence of the super nova that is Alucard. They all act in pretty much the same way and they practically don’t develop throughout the series, but as I said their personalities are really vivid and cool to like them right away. 

In all honesty though, I sort of lost interest in them in the last third. They had very little to show, their motivations were shallow, and they didn’t even make much sense all the time. They were fun for awhile but waiting several years just for the peanuts they had to show, plus the completely overblown dramatization they had without ever having much depth to back it up, just didn’t help to keep them cool all the way to the end. 

It is definitely enjoyable and unforgettable but lacks depth, so it will not be appreciated by many A types. Other than that, good dumb fun.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure
Vampire Hunter D

4/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
6/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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Jan 27, 2015

Hellsing Ultimate is ultimately a waste of time. It's the story of the good guys with one vampire called Alucard (it's Dracula only backwards! get it? GET IT?!). In essence, it is an infinitely repeating loop of gore and forgetable characters. That being said, it is a heavily stylized work, with some great character design, the Madhouse treatment of the art, and in general all about the blood pumping action.

Of course, the plot is downright silly. With vampires it nearly always is. The characters for the most part are so one dimensional (and purposefully so) which is probably a deliberate thing. You know, if the characters aren't interesting and the throwaway plot isn't the focus, what we are left with is the vampire being a vampire and kicking ass.

And boy does the vampire kick ass. He does it so hard that it is basically pointless to watch it. Every fight starts with him getting hacked to bits, then shrugging it off and destroying everything. I felt no empathy for any of the characters, and the fights ended up such a recycling of themes that I can't help but say one thing: thank god for Walter.

There is one character in this series who is plain awesome. He has his character. And most of all, he is so damn classy that he absolutely rocks. Just when you think that this series will get too painful to continue, he suddenly shows that he's the definition of awesome. Alucard, while everyone seems to love him since he isn't the Twilight glittery angsty wimp type of vampire, is in essence a boring character - he just goes in and does his own thing, wins, end of chapter.

Writing (Story and Characters):

Hellsing Ultimate has garbage writing. Seriously, there is only one good character, a few mediocre ones, and plenty of ones that make me cringe. There is no idea behind the plot, there is no real story other than "the bad guys exist, lets kill them". Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with throwaway plots and one dimensional characters if you want a lot of fighting. Fighting is awesome. Unfortunately, the fights here cannot make up for this trainwreck.

The story... doesn't really exist. There is some evil enemy entity thing that use vampires to... uhh... do stuff? So the good guys, which are vampire hunters with a vampire and a half on their side are sent to deal with them. This is the only thing that exists as a plot, basically. It repeats itself over and over. That's about it. Really. There is a supposed "third agency", but they don't really matter. Then again, the point of this anime is not the plot.

Characters on the other hand are just plain boring. Except for Walter. I really love Walter. But seriously, they have basically no character, only a tiny bit of personality, and there is no real character development in anyone, ever. Villains appear, then are murdered either in the same episode or the next making them being characters completely irrelevant. Still, Walter is awesome. Shame he isn't a main character.

Overall, the point of the writing is to say "here, look at the fight scenes! ooh, shiny!" and nothing more. I get it. I just don't think that the fight scenes are good enough because they all have the same outcome and structure. Lazy writing is lazy. That is all.

Art (Animation and Sound):

What can I say? Madhouse do their thing. The character designs are inspired, not just good. The fight scenes do get a bit hectic, but are overall very well done and stylish. The movement is fluid and the backgrounds well thought out. The soundtrack fits.

Really, from a technical point of view, Hellsing Ultimate delivers. Unfortunately, it doesn't absolutely nail it to perfection the way the plot requires. There are moments when things feel choppy. There are a few memorable moments (wires mean slicy-fun-time!), but overall, even the fight scenes seem repetitive. And that's just wrong for something that is about vampires and people fighting.


Hellsing Ultimate is ultimately forgettable. If they do a spinoff with a young Walter, then I will be first in line. Until then, there is nothing much to see here other than senseless violence, and it isn't good enough to make this more than average.

3/10 story
8.5/10 animation
7.5/10 sound
4/10 characters
5.6/10 overall
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Dec 10, 2014

Gosh i love this one! The guns might be bit too big like that sniper rifle (I call it the cannon for its size). I liked Alucard and the personality of the Integra. She is rather silent, but when things get hot, she starts shouting which really interests me for some reason. (Also Seras has kind of too tight clothes) Schrödinger is absolutely cute even if he is a boy (He sure has few things that makes he bit girly) 

9/10 story
10/10 animation
9/10 sound
10/10 characters
9.5/10 overall
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May 3, 2014

Story:pretty good and unlike his older brother,mostly follows the manga

Animation:fit to the genre of action perfectly,the whole series and espacially the fight scenes are well executed but the 3d effects in the last episodes are a bit too much

Sound:the ost as a dark tone to it that growing stronger with each time alucard loosing his restraints

Characters:there are many villains in this anime (i dont know if alucard should be included in this category) but let's check the main characters

Alucard-a vampire which help revives the old reputation of the vampires which twilight(may the blood of the author be spiled on the ground) have destroyed moreover his all atmoshpere is just badass and freightning (and sometimes just creepy) Spoiler stuff(maybe) in both the original series and in this one there are hints throughout the series and near the ending that he is the real dracula the wallachian prince vlad dracul the impaler plus he look classy

Seras Victoria-a blonde sniper with big boobs which alucard turned to a vampire she is shy and awkward sometimes and sometimes tap to her inner alucard

Sir Integra (Fairbrook Wingates)Hellsing- the boss of both said vampires and heir to the hellsing organization which protects england from mystical threats

The Major-a nazi (spoiler-((((cyborg))))) which seeks to kill alucard

Walter-a butler that kicks ass with wires and also a gentleman

Father Anderson-a vatican priest which seek to kill alucard and heathens(protestants) and sometimes nazis

watch this series if you have a short length of time open to watch but this anime is not for the squeamish because there is tons of gore and blood

8/10 story
10/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall