Hello World

Movie (1 ep x 98 min)
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Hello World

In Kyoto in the year 2027, Naomi Katagaki, a male high school student encounters a person who claiming to be Naomi from 10 years in the future. Together, they must change the future and save a classmate, Ruri, whom the younger Naomi starts to date in three months.

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Disclaimer: I'm reviewing only the full movie, I haven't seen the other bits (specials S1-S4). Time travel is a hard topic. It's best not to even dive into changing the past as we all know it gets messy when you change past -- butterfly effect can screw your reality in much wider scope than it what you hope to achieve by alternating the past. Moreover, you really don't want the same person to meet their past self. This theme is elaborated on very well in Steins;Gate where they got over the problem of past changing the future using the world lines. It's not completely bullet-proof but it's acceptable notion for a of time travel-story story. In Hello world, the movie makers let themselves to get trapped into every possible whole they could get into. Maybe I'm just too stupid but the storytelling was oftentimes hard to understand. The two worlds ("real" and recorded ones) indistinguishable from each other don't help. I'm not saying the idea of the movie itself is bad but it would require a 24-episode series with much more details and thought-through context to be good, you can't stuff all this into one 97-minute movie. The ending made me feel sorry for the protagonist because it's clear (at least in my understanding of how time travel is set up there) that they'll part ways in 10 years (I won't say more to avoid spoilers). Sure, in short-sighted way, the protagonist achieved what he wanted, but ultimately, it's a fail. Even worse one he was trying to avoid. Also, was the King-Kong-like catastrophic scene really needed? It could have been tackled with much more grace and dignity. This was just "we need to destroy the Tokyo radio tower!"-style. It's a great stereotype but it's not well-placed here. I may be setting the bar too high using Steins;Gate for comparison but hey, it's a time-travel anime! It should at least make sense. Which this one doesn't really do. The musing is good, the animation is good (if you don't mind A LOT of CG 😁), the dialogues and character designs are fair (for a movie this short). but the whole plot execution is shit, excuse my French. Son, I'm sorely disappoint.

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