Hell Girl: Two Mirrors

Alt title: Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori

TV (26 eps)
2006 - 2007
Fall 2006
4.16 out of 5 from 7,629 votes
Rank #932

Enma Ai seems like an ordinary girl, but in reality she is Jigoku Shoujo: Hell Girl. If you live in Japan and hate someone deep down, she will take revenge for you, at a price. Access her website at midnight and her services are yours, but in exchange you will spend an eternity in hell once you die. After the events with the reporter Shibata, Ai and her assistants Ichimoku Ren, Hone Onna and Wanyuudo are back to their duties of ferrying more souls to hell. Only this time, they are joined by a mysterious girl named Kikuri whose intentions and nature are completely unknown...

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Jigoku Shoujo 2 follows in spirit of the first season. The second season has the same dark and grim atmosphere. Fans of the first season won’t be disappointed. The second season starts with follow up to the origin story from the first season. It is a part for the main arc of the second season. After this short introduction the season continues in the beginning as mere episodic series with standalone short stories. I liked how it expands the various circumstances which can foster hatred towards stranger, neighbor, friend or even family member. The stories are not mere rehash of the previous season. Each one of them is unique in its own way. One really good point the series makes with sudden death of one character in a traffic accident just shortly after the character in question pulled the red string i.e. gave his soul to the Hell. This points out how the end of life may be closer than we would expect it to be. A prime example of meditation on one of the four last things. I won’t go further into the details of individual episodes in order to avoid spoilers. Let me just say, that overall I do enjoy them. The second season follows structure of the first. The difference is that the main story arc and its characters becomes more prominent much later on. It focuses on small seemingly innocent town, where one incident starts an avalanche of requests for Jigoku Shoujo eliminating large number of the citizens. Atmosphere of hypocrisy hidden under thin façade over rotten characters of townsfolk is brilliantly underscored by sarcastic usage of happy song "Our city Lovely Hills". This season also includes origin side stories for the sidekicks of Jigoku Shoujo. These side stories are in a sense reinterpretation of Japanese folk tales and find inspiration in eastern spirituality. Moreover new mysterious character Kikuri joins the Hell Girl. The down side of the season’s main story arc is lack of strong characters. Shibata Hajime and his daughter were interesting characters, but the second season main story arc’s characters are little boy and younger sister of police detective. Neither of them is that interesting. Visuals of the Enma Ai are only slightly updated. Musical themes go along the same lines i.e. classic music, but also including play on more aggressive genres such as metal. Just as in case of the previous season I don’t like the opening, but I do like the ending. The music is strong point of throughout the series (season 1 – 3). The second season despite weaker main arc’s characters upholds overall positive impression. Its themes touch on nature of evil and still it manages to be entertaining. It is not just a random shlock, otaku pandering, etc. Even the second season does deserve a place in top anime list. It’s one of those anime I’m going back to from time to time.


I agree with some here if they say that the staff listened to the fans. for a couple of episodes it was alright but it won't take that long before you realize the changes.for me here are what I thought are the improvements of this season that the previous.-Ai is actually taking part of the revenge which is usually done by his comrades. and she is also taking part of observing the Client.- we got to know more about Ai and her comrades more, though not that much but enough for us to understand them and realize that they have emotions.-Slowly but surely they broke out their formula where it's a backstory then deal with the devil then revenge. we got to see some interesting revenge stories as well as what if (ex: what if your recipient for revenge has died?)Yes some reasons for revenge are still shitty but it also makes the show entertaining because you never know why? and it's about revenge not justice.-Finally this season has LESS TEENAGERS AND LESS GIRLS AS CLIENS, for me They are too young to sell their soul to the devil just because of some problem, they'll grow and experience more problems in the future.-You will also find yourself rooting for the recipient and will ask yourself "do they really deserve to go to hell?"- There's also Story regarding Ai during the final few episode which makes you want to see season 3.-The Art and the Sound is amazing as usual-Kikuri for me is a good addition, she's like a bomb that anytime might reveal something big.Te only negative thing I see in this is I don't think this anime is for everyone and if you don't like slice of life or episodic anime then you might drop this.Overall I Highly Recommend it, if you're bored at season 1 then give this season at least 4-5 episodes so you can truly see it's beauty.

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