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Alt title: Sora no Otoshimono

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Feb 14, 2010


Of all my reviews, the one to cause the most controversy is my abhorrent hatred for DearS. So as Sora no Otoshimono fired up and one of the first things to grace the screen was a top-heavy, vapid bint with a collar who insisted on calling the hapless protagonist “master”, I steadied myself for an entire series of panty-flashing bilge. And oh boy, did its pathetic little perverted dance live up to my expectations.... well, for the first 4 episodes it did.

Playing on every single clichéd anime device, expect to see the skin flashing swimsuit episode, the girls donning yutaka for the festival and even the shock classroom harem scenes! It required a few episodes for me to understand Sora no Otoshimono is most definitely not a series to be taken seriously. There are countless shows parodied (including DearS and Saikano), and surprisingly it is done very well at times. Yes, at times. Lacking the ecchi finesse of Shuffle!, the show struggles on a little confused about direction. Should we care more about the childhood friend or the fact Icarus, an “Angeloid” who seems so sweet and naive is actually a destructive weapon? For a thirteen episode romp, there is too much crammed into a short space.

Speaking from experience, I have always found I either love or hate an ecchi anime. But Sora no Otoshimono baffled me with moments of pure brilliance hidden amongst the trash. The first few episodes are dire, and it is only my resolution to not drop a series that let me persevere through to the end. Unfortunately, many people will have dropped this show early on and sadly will miss some genuinely hilarious parody filled scenes. Although the story is not great, and the comedy a little hit or miss at times, ecchi fans with a sense of humour may enjoy the amusing digs at other shows in the genre.


Utterly stereotyped women with overly inflated funbags are the main focus of Sora no Otoshimono, and to be honest, it’s starting to get a bit overdone. Even the token loli-like character with the pettanko chest is on the “how to make an ecchi anime” check list, and this show makes sure to capture every single last one of these clichéd devices. That said, the unbelievable artwork is really quite sexy, and the use of CG adds to an extremely over the top pantsu flying scene. Yes, a host of ladies delicates soaring through the sky in formation is probably one of the unbelievable highlights that had me rolling about with laughter. The chibification of Tomoki, for me anyway, is another plus point; seeing the degradation of the pervert into a stumpy caricature is laugh out loud funny, especially the set of wings covering his (petite) modesty.


With some extremely well performed voice acting, the staple characters of the show have voices that fit their personalities extremely well. From the shy and girlish tones of Icarus, to the immature whine of Tomoki, the professional seiyuu seem to have been practicing in other series within the genre. If only the soundtrack had fared as well. Instead, a nasal J-pop track straight out of an eroge put my teeth on edge before the show even started. The closing audio is middle-of-the-road, however the accompanying video unique to each episode is frequently panty-wettingly funny.


Counting the number of likable characters on one hand, the other hand contains those that I wouldn’t bat an eyelid if they fell under a bus. Tomoki is hilarious. His non-PC antics are one of the things that kept the show moving along whilst managing to hold the train-wreck together. Conversely, Sohara is a complete flake who can’t decide if she wants to bed the protagonist or beat the crap out of him. Unfortunately, the dynamic between the two is a necessary evil, as much of the humour comes from the violent beatings but loses its edge as a sappy romance is introduced.

Also worthy of a mention is the slyly sadistic Mikako, whose mischief is not used as often as maybe it should be. Her dry and wicked sense of humour resonates with me, and I often find myself grinning at her wind up tactics. The two angeloids, Icarus and Nymph, sadly aren’t as interesting. I really don’t like the feeble and clueless female types, and so their whiny natures had me wishing for the next scene just in case they weren’t involved.


Like so many other shows, Sora no Otoshimono tries too hard to please too many people. The convoluted and unnecessary storyline did not fit what could have been a harmless, but fun perverted romp. The laugh out loud hilarious moments that make your ribs ache are too infrequent for this to reach excellent heights. Just take the series for what it is: pure parody that is not as bad as some people make out.

5.5/10 story
8/10 animation
6/10 sound
5/10 characters
5.5/10 overall
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Nov 10, 2014

Story: For an anime that relies on panty-shots and fan service, this actually has a plot. It's not always coherent, and there are times were it just doesn't make sense. But there is a plot. Or rather, there are several plots that try to exist in a 13 episode anime, so a lot of the time, things seemed... rushed? You have the angeloid plotline with Ikaros and Nymph that was honestly the best plotline and I wish they had just focused on it. Instead, you have the "childhood friend" plotline, whatever was going on with the class president, and Tomoki's ever present puberty-laced fantasies. For a short anime, that's a lot to cram in. Espeically when the first few episodes felt like filler. 

Animation: The animation on this was pretty good, not spectalar, "I weep for my eyes cannot take the beauty" good, but definitely up to snuff with today's animation styles. The switch between chibi-Tomoki and regular Tomoki got a little repetitive, but otherwise, I found no real fault with the animation. Except maybe the flying panties, but honestly, how does one animate flying underwear? 

Sound: Again, how does one go about making the sound for a flock of flying underwear? The opening song was a cute little pop ballad that suit the anime pretty well. It's still stuck in my head... There is an episode with the group forming a band, so there's at least one other song to look for when watching this anime. 

Characters: The main characters actually had more depth than I was expecting for an anime that relies so heavily on fan-service. Tomoki, for all his pervishness, is actually pretty kind. Ikaros may start out as a blank slate, but she gains a character throughout the series. And the rest have their moments. However, the characters all fall into a kind of mold I've seen in light-novel-based animes. Ikaros is the robot/alien type, Sohara is the childhood friend type, Nymph is the loli type, and Mikako is the upperclassman/teacher type. 

Overall: Honestly, this anime surprised me. 

6/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
6/10 characters
7/10 overall
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Dec 15, 2019

Oh, Lord. Greetings, fellow anime viewers. Back because it turns out reviews are required in the Secret Santa game, it's your favorite over-opinionated bumpkin, RandomRedneck. Here to review what I'd call a borderline affront to human decency in anime form. Yes, I'm reviewing Heaven's Lost Property. Let us begin, shall we?

To claim this show has a story is an insult to anyone who has ever written one. The plot is as threadbare as Tomoki's personality. Typically consisting of previously mentioned jerkoff Tomoki doing something creepy with a magic card, getting beat up, roll credits. They try cramming in a plot in during like the last 3 or so episodes, but I was long checked out by then to even notice or care. So yeah, story is just as trite as the rest of the show.

Typically cheap animation you see in lazy shows of the late 2000's. Even the action scenes aren't that well animated.

...The OP was okay I guess? This is the one of the VERY few positives I'll throw this shows way: They have a different ED at the end of every episode. A surprising amount of effort for a show this banal. The one at the end of episode 5 is surprisingly catchy.


Oh, it's my favorite part of any review: Where I rip into some abysmal characters. Now Ikaros is pretty adorable, Pres is funny and Glasses Guy is...there I guess. Oh, but our main gruesome twosome...

Mitsuki is the most insufferably cardboard tsundere I can recall. Her personality, if you can call it such, consists of screeching, being horny for Tomoki for some unfathomable reason, and some variation of the two. But she's not nearly as bad as...

Tomoki. Oh my sweet God, Tomoki. This guy is the biggest frigging creeper I've ever seen as an MC. He's not the lovable fun perv like say Issei Hyuudo or Master Roshi. No, this dude is just a borderline sex offender. And despite being a good candidate for chemical castration, the show insists he's a noble and likable guy...did I mention in the first episode alone he invisibly molests Mitsuki and destroys the entire world? Yeah, super sweet guy, ain't he? And his laugh. Sweet merciful Christ, it's like scraping a chalkboard on another chalkboard. AND HE NEVER QUITS SCREAMING. So to summarize: Creeper, stupid laugh, unlikable, destroyed the world, LOUD. He sucks. Big time.

For the love of everything decent, don't watch this. This is everything wrong with ecchi anime in one, VERY annoying package. In short, it's awful. AWFUL. Go watch something else. Thank you. That is all.

Yours truly

1/10 story
2/10 animation
4/10 sound
3/10 characters
2/10 overall
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Mar 18, 2018

Dropped after Episode 4. Contains spoilers, so read at your own risk.

Now, it has been a while since I felt the urge to write a review. Especially surprised am I at the fact that I do write a review for a show I dropped.

Let us be clear about one thing: this is not a comedy show. Why? It is not funny. The episodes I've watched didn't even get a smirk onto my face, not for even a brief moment. This is an Ecchi show with almost completely uninteresting and mostly annoying characters. And if you are here for the former and don't mind the latter you'll be fine. Everyone expecting something else, stay away to not waste your time.


A mysterious hole in the sky is floating around earth and some day a Pet-Angel drops out of it. Tomoki, the perverted and utterly stupid mc, happens to be there because of a dream he kept on having since he was little. The Angel, Icarus, then declares him as his master and that she will do whatever he says.

That being said, she is pretty potent, as she can stop time, teleport things around and make pretty much everything possible. A Genie with unlimited wishes, you could say.

I have to admit that this setting in itself is interesting and even though there was absolutely no developement in the first 4 episodes and I highly doubt there is in the following ones, I won't take it into consideration, because, even if it was good, the creators put plenty of effort into making the show unwatchable.

Sound and Animation

While the work in the sound department has been solid and nothing out of the ordinary, a slightly better job has been done in the overall animations. While nothing looks out of the ordinary, it is clearly visible what the sole point of the show is: squishy bouncing boobs.

They are litterally everywhere and whatever sorry attempt of comedy is centered around either them or Tomoki being beaten up by Sohara.

As someone who doesn't like ecchi, even if the rest of the show was good, I'd still have only given this show a mediocore rating. But this show wasn't destroyed by ecchi. No, it has a way more serious flaw.


I have watched shows that had one or two characters that dragged the show down, yet I was still able to enjoy it. I have watched shows that only had flat and/or annoying characters and I was still able to enjoy them.

Let us start with the good points: Eishiro. He is the only character in the show that neither has a mental disorder nor a vacuum inside of his head. And that is pretty much everything about him that is outstanding. Normally it wouldn't, but with the other characters around this is the only good point I can find about this show's characters.

I am well aware that there are stereotypical characters that are often used in Anime, simply because people like them. But this show has definately overdone it with the mc, Tomoki, Icarus, the Pet-Angel, and Tomoki's so-called childhood friend Sohara.

Tomoki is your usual perverted teenage boy. He is also unable to speak up, especially when it is important. And he is kind to the point that he'd let Sohara murder him if she just wished to do so (which isn't too far out of question). And he is utterly stupid. No, he is not an idiot, he is outright stupid and while the former can be cured, the latter can't.

He has got a Pet Angel that will and can do whatever he pleases. And not even once has he made use of that power to protect himself from Sohara. Not because he didn't want to, simply because that possibility never even once crossed his mind.

DESPITE him having her handcuffed in the second episode (and while she was she actually only beat him up once (however she did it)) he never thought about anything to make her not beat him up anymore. He has, and let me repeat that, got a Pet Angel that will and can do whatever he pleases. And not only did he barely use that power at all, he even let Sohara use it against him in episode three. And neither did he think about forbidding Icarus to fulfill Sohara's wishes nor did he think about asking her to protect him. His house was full of bombs and yet he just let Sohara walk off with Icarus whose master he is supposed to be.

Icarus is also a serious case of utterly stupid. Well, to be fair, she might just be an idiot, but the outcome would not have been influenced much.

Icarus is a Pet-Angel that for some reason came out of the floating hole in the sky and had decided (or was forced to decie) to become Tomoki's loyal servant. Due to her inexperience (and I'm saying that out of good will) she misinterpreted some of his orders or simply overdid it.

But there is one thing, no matter how inexperienced you are as a servant, a servant should know: You don't plant your master's house full of bombs that explode whenever he looks at them or touches them. YOU. DON'T.

Especially not if the one ordering you to do it has been beating up your master every five minutes. Why would you do what anyone besides your master says anyways? Actually, I take it back, Icarus is not an idiot, she is actually stupid. Had Sohara asked her to send Tomoki to the moon without a space suit, she would have done it without a thought.

However, even though those two would have dragged any otherwise perfect show down to a slightly above average rating, there is still Sohara.

I am not particulary fond of Tsundere characters. But if the trait doesn't stick out too much, like with Yuru Yuri's Ayano, then it's actually enjoyable. If a Tsundere is violent in addition, they're mildly annoying.

But if a person beats the shit out of a certain person every given chance and even tries to murder them, then they are not Tsundere anymore. Then they're just psychopaths.

Sohara is one of those special cases. She has two purposes in this show.

Purpose 1): Boobs. She got 'em, they look nice, they are shown often.

Purpose 2): Beating Tomoki senseless basically any time she sees him.

Whenever she sees Tomoki doing anything even slightly perverted she beats him up. It doesn't matter to her if it is his fault or not. She just beats him up anyways. For your information: not even once during the first 4 episodes I watched has it ever been Tomoki's fault (well he was partially to blame once out of, dunno, 15 cases at the very least).

And in epsiode 4 she tried to murder him. Due to events from episode 2 hundreds of panties had flown into Tomoki's room. She beat him up for that. She asked him to throw them out, well knowing that - since he is a pervert - he wouldn't. And, despite knowing that, she used Icarus' power to make it so that any panties he either laid his eyes on our touched would explode.

Leaving Tomoki to his fate she went shopping with Icarus. She actively kept her from returning to her master which she sensed was in danger (this, again, shows how incredibly stupid Icarus is - as if planting a house full of bombs wasn't obviously dangerous).

She then acted in front of Icarus as if she and Tomoki were really great friends and he was important to her (remember, she beats him up several times a day and attempted to murder him at the very least once) as to not raise suspicion in her (which would have never risen since Icarus is stupid).

Upon returning she gets send flying into Tomoki's house because he happens to see her panties. He then rescues her and, as thanks for that, gets beaten up again.

And the worst thing about is that Tomoki even thinks it's all his fault. And at that point I just couldn't take it anymore.

Never before have I watched an anime with such totally trashy characters. The only reason I kept watching this far was the mildly interesting preset. But then it only kept going downwards.

If you are a really hardcore Ecchi fan you might be able to enjoy this. Otherwise, stay away from this gigantic pile of rubbish.

5/10 story
7/10 animation
6/10 sound
0.5/10 characters
1/10 overall
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Feb 9, 2018

Sora no Otoshimono is one of the most original and funny Harem-Ecchi anime I've watched, it's perverted main character doesn't help to get the story more serious especially when he owns an Angeloid who does everything he wants.. Comedy fans' Heaven !! ->MUST WATCH

10/10 story
9/10 animation
8/10 sound
8/10 characters
9/10 overall