Heaven's Lost Property Forte

Alt title: Sora no Otoshimono Forte

TV (12 eps)
Fall 2010
4.136 out of 5 from 12,939 votes
Rank #1,035

Tomoki's life was normal until a wish-granting angelic android named Ikaros fell from the sky and started calling him master. Things got even crazier when Ikaros's fellow android, Nymph, came fluttering down to join the fun. With the winged vixens adjusting to life on Earth, you'd think Tomoki's dream of a peaceful existence might finally be coming true – but you'd be wrong!With his teenage impulses and dirty mind, Tomoki's wishes are causing more chaos than ever before. Plus, there's a curvy new android on the scene – Astraea. She definitely looks as angelic as Ikaros and Nymph, but there's a chance the beautiful blonde newcomer is up to no good!

Source: Funimation

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Now i admit that this anime is a pervert's dream.It ticks all of the ecchi genre's cliche's.What u might not expect is that it also has a story behind it.And a good one at that.Don't expect the best story ever written by human beings but it's still good.The ecchi part unfortunately is there allright.But it doesn't mean it's in the way of the story development.It is strangely balanced.And what's more it has that special factor that makes an anime special for me.It's a great laugh. The story is awesome in a comic way,never mind if it's perverted humor,what's important is that one gets to have a good laugh since,just like from the previous season,it is all about the misadventures of the perverted Tomoki and his never ending quest to peek inside the ladies locker.The action side of it,the one which the angeliods do battle with Chaos can be considered as good as well.But,one thing about this anime is it's ending theme..It doesn't have one,there is a different ending theme for every episode,but it does give it a unique way of ending an episode and you can really feel the creativeness of the author. The characters.This kinda gets interesting,from the start,you would have thought that you've already knew the characters from the previous season and you simply rely on what info you get from the newly added,and as you watch the new season of this anime you would have thought that Astraea was mislabeled as a "Close Combat Angeliod" because of her stupidity,but as the episode progresses she really is what she is been labeled and she's has made herself part of Tomoki's bunch that adds to the comic relief of the anime,for the other characters,well,I found out that Tomoki is hornier than ever,but I can't dig as to why he didn't bang Ikaros (ep9) when he has the chance,Sohara who is as jealous as ever whenever Tomoki does some perverted things to others rather than to her(co'z she always dream of him doing it to her),Nymph,who still has no wings,desires to be Tomoki's servant and hotter that ever despite being flat chested,there is Ikaros who is still a bit of an air head,but now seems to desires to have a deeper relationship with Tomoki,also we get to see the 2 angeliods observing modesty whenever they get close to Tomoki.The 2 other characters,Eishiro who still longs to discover the so-called "NEW WORLD" may have have found it above the sky to where the angeliods came from,thanks to Nymph's dream machine and there is Mikako who is sadistic and always has a lot of schemes to relive her boredom.There is a new comer,Chaos,whom at first I thought has been defeat by Ikaros,so I guess the best is yet to come.

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