Heavenly Delusion

Alt title: Tengoku Daimakyou

TV (13 eps)
4.099 out of 5 from 5,071 votes
Rank #614

Within the safety of the walls, youths are raised in a nursery setting by robots. Outside is a hellscape with powerful technology and equally powerful super-natural beings.

Source: Denpa

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Pros- Good production values- A premise that is basically The Last of Us meets The Promised Neverland- Interesting setting- Fun characters- There is some mystery in the background- Can be brutal at times- The blend of genres is intriguing enough to make you keep watchingCons- It’s creepy in a bad way. The main character lusts his sister… while he is inside her body. And those kids at the academy are horny as heck. Later on there is also rape and it’s not really leading up to something.- The action doesn’t seem to fit with what is going on since the monster battles can be skipped without a change in the plot.- The plot is all over the place because of how many genres it combines, while still wanting to keep most of them a secret. It can be confusing to follow what is going on. The objective is also not clear, making you not see nor care about what the characters want to achieve.- The ending is incomplete and mediocre, not giving you much to look forward to.VerdictIt is pretty-looking and mysterious enough for fans of mystery and adventure to follow, but it’s also deviant and obscure with what it wants to do, thus the more mainstream audience will drop it early on. Personally, I lost interest fast, since it’s nowhere near the quality of The Last of Us, the deviant stuff made me eye-roll, none of the people I speak to care about it, and in general you can’t actually talk about anything, since it’s vague with what it wants to be. The lukewarm ending killed the last specs of interest I had.

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