Heat Guy J Special

DVD Special (1 ep x 21 min)
3.467 out of 5 from 153 votes
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Heat Guy J Special

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Listed as a "DVD Special" this episode, Angel, appears as episode Fifteen on the US DVD Set. Story - 8/10 After the events of previous episodes, where Daisuke ruins Vampire's plans to manipulate the stock market, Vampire sends a group of android assassins to kill J and take in Daisuke as a prisoner. With J incapacitated, the Special Services office manager Kyoko takes it upon herself to break into the mafia run casino and rescue Daisuke. But things change when the assassins turn on Vampire, causing the two rivals to work together. Animation - 7/10 As the episode was part of the original series it was drawn in the exact same way as the other twenty five. We're spared with all the usual rehashed locations, as much of this episode takes place in Vampire's casino, which was very nicely animated to look like the bright neon lights of Vegas or Macau, and worked as a complete contrast to the gloomy day that was occurring outside. Sound - 7/10 Like the animation, the music was the same as that in the full series, which is to say it was a replaying of some of the best composed music in anime. Characters - 8/10 Reviewing this as a stand alone episode it's actually surprising what they were able to cram in for character development. First the episode focused mainly on Kyoko and showed what lengths she would go for her partners, as well as her actually having some skills of her own. You also get a little glimpse into Edmundo's willingness to help Daisuke, even though their relationship seemed frosty at first. Elements that play a bigger overall part in the series have to do with Daisuke having a drug fueled look into his life, which gives some insight into his mother. We also see the evil and only semi-evil sides to Claire and how he'll later slightly change his allegiances.  Overall - 8/10 I'm glad, for US audiences, this was just included as part of the series. It worked perfectly in the timeline and had a few good bits of info that play into events later in the story, where as if this was an extra feature you may miss watching it at the proper time.

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