Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto

Alt title: Sakamoto desu ga?

TV (12 eps)
3.808 out of 5 from 16,610 votes
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In Gakuban Prefectural High School, there's a boy who just might be the coolest human being alive - a first-year student with style and finesse that solves every problem with ease, and looks absolutely fabulous in the process. Women adore him, children idolize him, and delinquents are frustrated by their inability to defeat him. The teachers can't outwit him, and when there's an animal in trouble, even the raging winds can't hold him back! Whether he's thwarting bullies, sword fighting with an angry bee, or eluding the unwanted attentions of a smitten middle-aged lady, he will always succeed and he will always look unimaginably cool while doing it. Haven't you heard? He's Sakamoto!

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Should you watch: no Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto Is based off a 4 volume manga from 2012. I honestly have no idea why a lot of people like this. It is supposed to be a school comedy, but the only times I laughed was at the anime because how pathetic it was. STORY: First of all this anime is episodic, so if you expect story progression give up now. The story revolves around Sakamoto, a student in class 1-2 who consistently runs into problems. Being a perfect student loved by girls and guys, he always finds some crazy way to fix them and the problems of others. The funny part of the anime is supposed to be how over the top his solutions are, but they are usually more cringe worthy than funny. ANIMATION: It’s good. Nothing really special for an anime that came out in 2016. They have some good flashy scenes which are drawn especially well, but there are no fighting scenes or anything so the drawing is never really tested SOUND: For a school anime excellent and really good overall. Every episode would have multiple sound tracks which fit the mood appropriately and I suppose add to the humor. CHARACTERS: Being an episodic anime there is no character progression, but that’s expected. The main character is the only one with an interesting personality, which isn’t too bad. He is very over the top and cringe worthy so if that’s your thing, you will love him. OVERALL: I give it a 6 (bottom 40%). If you want to watch a funny school comedy then look elsewhere as there are LOTS already that are actually funny. This was just ok, but it didn’t really make me laugh. If you have 20 minutes to kill, you might want to check out the first episode and if you thought that was funny, you’ll love the whole thing else just stop right there.


This is basically a plotless anime that relies on ridiculous stories and comedy. That being said, it's not bad. I usually will watch an episode when I feel like watching a light anime that doesn't require much work like remembering characters and stuff. It's a shallow anime full of ridiculous stories focusing on an odd main character who is "stylish at everything he does".  When I first read the description, I really wasn't sure whether or not to try it. I couldn't see where such an idea could go, and it turns out it doesn't really go anywhere. It doesn't develop or have a climax or anything substantial. It's just there, simple, funny (although not necessarily laugh out loud funny), and silly. It's not something I could watch 5 episodes in a row of but it's nice to watch an episode here and there when I'm in the mood. The sound and animation is standard. The characters are mostly sterotypical to make it easy to understand without any back ground stories or development. There is not big story, just a bunch of small ones that don't necessarily have a beginning middle and end or any other typical parts of a story. It's not the kind of anime you set out to be great with or to make the top ranks. It's not trying to be either. It's more like comedic relief from the plot driven and character driven stories and it's content with settling for lower ratings. Overall, I have a hard time rating this. On one hand, I enjoy it for what it is. On the other hand, I feel like I shouldn't give it a high rating because I reserve those for animes with more substance. It's good at what it's doing, but I wouldn't put it in my favorites so I really don't think I can rate it fairly. As far as being good at what it's trying to do, I would give it a 9. Comparing it to other animes or rating it for overall quality of story and how interesting it is, I would give it a five at best because it's not that kind of anime. However, I don't want to give it a low score because when I look at anime pages and see low scores, I don't always read the actual review and I just discard the anime and I don't want that to happen to this one so I will give it an 7. I am leaving the story and character ratings blank because I don't think that matters or applies to this anime.

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