Hatsukoi Limited: Limited Girl

Alt title: Hatsukoi Limited: Gentei Shoujo

DVD Special (6 eps x 4 min)
3.262 out of 5 from 1,330 votes
Rank #11,555

Saoko Andou is an extremely flaky young girl; not only does she refer to herself as a megaklutz, but she’s also regularly late for school. One particular day Saoko is running late yet again and in her hurry to make it to school on time, she forgets to put on her underwear! As she progresses through the day, she hopes with all her might that she will avoid accidentally exposing herself to her classmates. However, with simple actions such as climbing a flight of stairs and getting changed for gym class posing a huge threat, can Saoko make it through the day with her dignity intact?

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Story: NOTE- I HAVE NOT WATCHED THE ORIGINAL HATSUKOI LIMITED, I READ A BIT OF THE MANGA BUT DROPPED IT AFTER TWO VOLUMES. So then, Hatsukoi Limited: Limited Girl is......pervy. Thats one way to explain it. But it was fun to watch. Cut into 6 short 5 minute or so episodes, this tells the story of a girl (Saoko or something?) who goes to school, then realises shes forgotten to wear any panties, so up her skirt is a shockingly naked hairy-mary for the whole of the student population to see. Cue episodes of many awkward scenarios such as PE lessons where your legs must be raised to very revealing points and the typical lunch hour of rushing for food and having adolescent boys press themselves against you- granted a very awkward experience even WITH panties present. It was rude, it was full of ecchi, but it still seemed quite a gentle thing to watch.  The episodes were very humourous and pleasant to watch, because, lets be honest, almost every teenage girl has had a nighmare of the exact same thing happening to her, and its not a pleasant experience. Watching this Saoko girl try to keep herself hidden was a humourous way to spend your time, it was a half-hour well spent in my opinion. Animation: Very good in this anime, even for little animated shorts it didn't go sloppy. Sound: Nothing noticeably great, I can't even remember it if I'm honest. There wasn't really much music played other than a little 3 second jingle at the start and end of each episode. In the episodes noise consisted of high school student chatter and the main girl letting out little squeals as various problematic situations got placed upon her. Characters: Only this Saoko girl was ever really focussed upon, and its not like there was any development. For male viewers she was there to watch in the hope that there'd be some wind and her skirt would come up (Though of course, it didn't. This isn't some glorified hentai after all) and she was there for the female viewers to empathise with and feel glad that they weren't in her shoes and lack of undies.  Presumably being a shy girl, Saoko took her lack of lingerie badly, but at least she didn't squeal about it or anything. She had a lot of events when she had big panics, but she tried to stay calm and not end up as an annoying mess like other people would have been. Overall:  If you want something short to watch whats got only some light ecchi and is a humourous show, then this is for you ^^

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