Hatenkou Yuugi

Alt title: Dazzle

TV (10 eps)
3.571 out of 5 from 2,978 votes
Rank #2,949

One day, Rahzel's father decides that she should go on a journey and see the world, so he does the only reasonable thing – he kicks her out of the house! However, Rahzel is an optimist and decides to find a traveling partner, and within minutes she stumbles upon the beautiful silver haired red-eyed Alzeid. Rahzel tells Alzeid that she will free him from his boring life and take him on a fun and wonderful adventure. Joined by a mysterious yet lecherous muscle head named Baroqueheat, the travelers head out without a destination in mind, seeking enjoyment and fulfillment, and encountering friends and enemies at every turn.

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mariprosa's avatar
mariprosa Apr 14, 2008
Score 6.5/10

Want an anime that's about a random trio of witty travelers with magical abilities?  How about one that includes a girl who seems to have a keen fashion sense and a smart mouth to match, alongside a quiet guardian bent on revenge and a silly oaf of a gent who seems to just go along for the ride?  If you're at all intrigued by the above description, Hatenkou Yuugi... read more

specialAfan's avatar
specialAfan Jan 24, 2012
Score 10/10

I love this anime series its so good! and if you like dark fantasy with a touch of humor your'll love this show as much as i do, the charectors are great and each episode is a exciting new adeventure! with danger around every corner! read more

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  • Vol: 20+; Ch: 141+
  • 1999 - ?

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