Harukana Receive - Custom lists

  • Hanebado!
  • Tsurune
  • Shirobako
  • Silver Spoon
  • Skip Beat!

Anime for every interest! by ArcticTori

Anime covers a lot of subjects and it's always fun learning about stuff you wouldn't learn about otherwise. Volleyball, camping, mahjong, orchestra and much more. I've handpicked the ones that focuses on teaching the audience and...

  • Emma: A Victorian Romance
  • Domestic Girlfriend
  • Black Lagoon
  • Astra Lost in Space
  • A Certain Scientific Railgun

😲 Biggest [Positive ➕] Surprise Anime Series 😲 by HKBattosai

In alphabetical order. Based on anime I've actually watched and personal preference only. Regardless, each of these anime deserve to be on this list. Created: Aug-04-2017, Updated: Apr-24-2019