Harlock Saga

Alt title: Harlock Saga: Nibelung no Yubiwa

OVA (6 eps x 26 min)
3.372 out of 5 from 557 votes
Rank #9,194

The gold of Rhein has been stolen by Alberich, a member of an ancient race that ruled the universe. He has tricked Tadashi Daiba into making the Ring of the Niebelung, a device that will allow him to restore their power, which will eventually lead to chaos and destruction. But the ancient Gods have awoken and demand their legacy restored to them. It's up to Harlock, Esmeralda, Tochiro, Tadeshi and the rest of the crew of Arcadia to prevent the war that will devour the universe.

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Harlock Saga, Quick Review:  I love much of the Harlock franchise, so I was a bit dissapointed to see that there were no reviews for this yet. This is one of my favorite modern old school anime continuations. Harlock Saga along with its counterpart "The Endless Odyssey" are thrilling to watch. This story brought a lot of enjoyment for me. I love the old school artistry, the high fantasy elements, and the mysterious story. This is one of those easily overlooked anime's that in reality is a treasure for many diehard anime fans. I won't share the storyline with you, but I would just say that this particular Balad of Captain Harlock is centered around a ring, with plenty of mystery and epic intergalactic bad-guys (much like "Endless Odyssey). The glorious classical soundtrack still haunts me to this day, thanks (Richard Wagner). In short, watch this anime if: you like old school animation (in the vein of Lupin, and Daft Punks- Interstellar 5555), you like humanistic themes, dark apocalyptic storylines, and high fantasy. Newer anime series' that have some (small) similarities to this re-visited, old school epic, are: other space pirate animes like Cowboy Bebop, and Outlaw Star, and those featuring darker humanistic themes like those in Darkside Blues.   (I will not go into any spoilers or anything as this is not the purpose of my reviews. My purpose is to compare and contrast some elements so that you can decide weather or not to give the anime being reviewed a try)

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