Harbor Light Monogatari - Fashion Lala Yori

OVA (1 ep x 48 min)
2.248 out of 5 from 96 votes
Rank #9,270

Young Miho is an aspiring fashion designer who wants badly to enter an upcoming dancing contest, but she's too young to do so. Thus, when her cousin requests in secret that Miho make her a dress to wear for the event, Miho couldn't be happier! However, Miho's meddling and mean aunt stands in her way. Will Miho be able to participate in the contest, or is she doomed to sitting on the sidelines?

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Silhouetted dancing shadows put to bad 80's music in the intro how can this be bad right? Already it's making me think of Dirty Dancing or Flashdance but hope is taken away quickly when it take on telling a story about a tiny little girl who has an enormous dog that she could ride on. (or he could eat her) when she finds a fashion book in an attic (insert random child panty shot here) and wants to make dresses.... uhhhg. it would be ok but of course cause she's a kid no one will listen to her and she cries a lot over it till someone says "ok make me a dress". There is this random bad ass boy who rides a motercycle... not sure what his point is tbh I assume he did the RANDOM explosion!!! I guess someone making this was like "hay guys, we needs something to get the males to watch this too" Now in the last 10 mins the weird little critters that were on the cover of the fashion book turn to life and give the little girl magical Lala powers... whatever the fuck that is... so now we get to see a naked transformation scene with a little girl who is like 8 or so!!!! oh and she grows boobs and long hair and of course the dog changes with her with the addition of a big red bow... -.- and here is where i think the random bad ass is suppose to come in as he should be the love interest even though he's clearly twice her age. Oh and there's random karaoke throughout this anime... not sure why but i guess if it's to be about idols it needs that singing and dancing feel to it.... with very bizzar senery attatched to it as well... like random riding of ponies and sudden changing of outfits. Where did that crowd come from to watch her sing and dance randomly?? So easily to say i didn't overly enjoy this but it did give me some chuckles here and there and it wasn't so long that it made me keep watching the time left bar of the player.

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