Happy Lesson OVA


OVA (5 eps)
- 2003
3.095 of 5 from 621 votes
Rank #4,634
Happy Lesson OVA

Chitose Hitotose is an orphaned high school student who lives with five female teachers that double as mother figures for him. As he attempts to live a normal life, he must keep his unique home situation secret from interested outsiders such as his class president, Fumitsuki Nanakorobi. As if that weren't enough, he must withstand comical abuse at the hands of his well-intentioned but highly eccentric "teacher mamas." Included in Chitose's adventures: surviving a "motherly affections" contest to determine who gets to act as his mother at school conferences, going to the beach, sorting out his feelings for his childhood friend, practicing a song for a school event, and being possessed by a mischievous spirit.

Source: ANN

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