Happy Lesson Advance

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For Chitose Hototose, life has never been more full. Being the “adopted” son of not one, but five of your teachers can’t be easy! His “moms” are: Ichimonji Mutsuki, classical writing and ultimate housewife, Shitennou Uzuki, fine arts and cosplay otaku, Sanzein Yayoi, school nurse and accomplished miko priestess, Gokajou Satsuki, phys. ed. and all-round Gorilla, and Ninomai Kisaragi, mad scientist. But when a mysterious person appears and demands the return of “Muuchin”… well that’s just the beginning! What’s a boy to do when maternal instincts go wild?

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A sequel to a show I didn't like should've been an automatic reject. Still, Happy Lesson was inconclusive. The story can go on, and I wanted to see some resolution.The story continues much like before, with the addition of Nagatsuki, a girl who claims Mutsuki is her mother.At first, she feels forced in. And I want to scream at the others for calling her "he" when even I can tell that's a girl in boy's clothes - with a long ponytail, yet. I never like jokes like this, where I can't be sure if it's a stealth parody or the real thing.Then I realize that Nagatsuki isn't a retcon on the level of "Jean Grey wasn't Phoenix". I should've expected Mutsuki had someone like this in her past. This does create a problem with the premise: it furthers the non-parallelism between Mutsuki and the other mamas.And then, after introducing Nagatsuki and leading me to expect her to be the driver of conflict this season, she's underused. In fact, this show is more meandering than the original.A truer example of forced drama is when Mutsuki runs away from home (not a spoiler - it's the episode title!) We never learn why (not that "ever" is very long, this being the second-last episode!)Or when those evil businessmen from the first series show up again. A sequel doesn't mean everyone has to return.My hope for this show was that it could answer a lingering question. Why are you here? That is, why do the mamas see themselves as that? The spotlight character of "Uzuki is a Mama" only says "Because it's fun and interesting." All hope of the show redeeming itself and the original ended there.Seeing the cast repeat their characters from the first time is tiring. Hazuki is the worst; her Big Eating makes me sick.The only pleasures on hand are minor, like when I finally get to see Mr. Love-Love Cockroach. That moment is a perfect mix of funny and cute.At one point, we are informed that it is February 2nd. It's just starting to snow on the cherry blossoms. (Let it sink in how little sense that makes.) I assume this is a deliberate joke, but I don't get it.Maybe I do. The episode "Sharp Senses! * Mina-chan in Big Crisis" is a parody of sentai and other tokusatsu shows. While not the sort of thing I'd necessarily hate, it's so far from Happy Lesson's premise that it draws a fourth-wall-breaking reaction from Chitose, "What kind of show is this, anyway?" (or words to that effect). The joke's on the viewer.

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