Happiness! Episode 4 - Tama chan disappeared

One day, Sumomo suddenly wanted to join the "Fortune Telling Club" that was being run by Koyuki. Koyuki is the only one running the club but it seems she does it because all the members have lots of fun. As a matter of fact, Haruhi and her friends joined as well. Koyuki led the group makin Tama-chan when Anri said something that hurt Tama-chan which cause a huge uproar.

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Trojohn101 Trojohn101 says

If you have seen either of these animes you will undoutfully like the other. They both go along the lines of the magical schoolgirls Vs. one protaganist and have one or more of the schools students after them. Both have there funny parts but more so in Zero. Both are good animes so I recomend seeing one if youve seen the other.

Aburi Aburi says

Zero no Tsukaima and Happiness are two of a kind I think.

They are both mostly a one on one romance that takes a sideline to the story. Both center around a magic school with a female mage lead character and a romantic interest that is more than he seems.Though the female leads are exact opposites of each other...

sabrielsharmony sabrielsharmony says

both take place in a magical world though the story in zero no tsukaima is more engaging. also both involve a school that teaches magic.

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sonis sonis says

Both of these animes are Romances. Both also revolves around magic or Fairies. The Romance of the animes are related to memories.

As in Happiness!, Yuma is a male character who plays a role that pretwnds to have no magical power. He is infact the strongest person there. He doesn't use his magic because of his memories against his mother. Haruhi is a girl from his past, And she remembers Yuma from the past as a super powerful mage with power that was very warm and good hearted. That was the last time he ever used his power as he made all the gravity go wack. I just recentally finished this anime, And i really loved the art work in the anime.

As in Earl and Fairy, Lydia has a past memory too. The memory makes it hard for her to fall in love. Edgar is a prince who says to Lydia that he loves her very much. Both Lydia and Edgar makes plans to kill each other thoughout the episodes. Every time either of them plans to kill the other they dont; but instead the events does a 180 and the other does attempt of suiside >_> By Pills, Legendary swords, etc etc

I really liked watching both of these animes, I know you will too.

Galadriel Galadriel says

if you're looking for sweet romance shows, which involves fairies and other magic aspects then look no further, Hakushaku to Yousei and Happiness! are the perfect choices. Both of them deal with the past memories of the main protagonists, both of them are very comedic as well as dramatic at some points. So if you like one of this shows be sure to check the other one as well.



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Trojohn101 Trojohn101 says

Both set in school. Both involving girls chassing one guy, ang thy both involve people that one,as a human, would consider amazing. When finding out that they both have someone they just met to be together with each protaginist find themselves in tight spots constantly being misunderstood and attacked for it.Both prove to be funny and are worth the time to watch.