Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!

TV (49 eps)
2014 - 2015
Winter 2014
3.423 out of 5 from 415 votes
Rank #7,934

The ruler of the evil Phantom Empire, Queen Mirage, begins her invasion on Earth using an army of Choiarks and powerful monsters called Saiarks. Pretty Cures are dispatched to fight against the Phantom Empire threat. Hime Shirayuki, a princess from the Blue Sky Kingdom who was given the power to become Cure Princess by a being named Blue, flees to Japan when her kingdom is invaded by the Phantom Empire. They defended the Earth against the Phantom Empire.

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I once stated in another review that Happiness Charge Precure had the tightest plotline of all the Pretty Cure series.  There was one other thing that I found fascinating.  While all the Precure teams deal with the conception of love, Happiness Charge dealt with the topic of boy-girl relationships. Let that sink in for a moment. Ever since I entered the mega-series with the Glitter Force adaptation, I felt Precuria was an anthem for the advocates of girl-power.  Strong males tend not to show up in these episodes.  In fact, I basically stalled my watching of Go! Princess Precure over a scene in the first episode.  Flora is off to the Noble Academy, and father is bawling his eyes out while mother remains stoic.  Folks!  I've seen my girls off to their schools of higher education.  I'm the strong, silent partner in the league of parents.  I don't like to see men demeaned for the sake or whims of feminist ideology. I won't say that there are no strong males in the Precure series.  I can supply a short list: 1.  Fujimura (Futari wa Pretty Cure/Max Heart).  The consumate crush of trepid Nagissa.  A purely harmless, friendly sort who can intimidate Cure Black by coming into close proximity of her.  The whole series held the side-story of the poor girl of athletic acumen becoming more at ease with the equally athletic Fuji. 2.  Daisuke (Fresh Precure).  It was never divulged whether Daisuke was Love Momozono's rival or love interest.  The two were prone to argue, though both figured they did care for each other.  Honestly, Daisuke deserved a better answer from Love (Cure Peach) for his confession of love. 3. Ouji (Suite Precure).  An incredibly handsome young musician whom all the girls adored, in particular Kanade (Cure Rhythm).  But, more than a pretty face.  Ouji was the soul of gentleness and helpfulness. 4.  Brian Taylor (Smile Precure/Glitter Force).  Noted for only two episodes of Smile Precure, but only one of Glitter Force.  Akane's (Cure Sunny) love interest, a British exchange student to Japan who learned to love the culture which Akane shared for those three wonderful weeks.  The Glitter Force reduction of Brian to a world-class volleyball player returning Kelsey's fan letter was both ingenious and despicable. 5.  Sebastian (DokiDoki Precure).  A neat blend of refined English butler and dynamic martial artist.  His loyalty to his charge, Alice Yotumba, allows him to seek the best interests of the child, even if he would know that this would gain the disapproval of Alice's father. 6.  Headmaster of the Magic Academy (Maho Girls Precure).  Quite the distinguished old man, who was acquainted with Cure Miracle's grandmother decades before becoming the protector of both MIracle and Magical.  His failure in doing so temporarily cost him his youthful demeanor, but pushed Maho Girls Precure to over-achieve and defeat the forces of dark magic. With Happiness Charge Pretty Cure, add Seiji and Blue to this skimpy list.  Seiji has been the neighbor of Megumi Aino (Cure Lovely) all his life, and the rudiments of caring for her is just begun to appear.  Granted, both Seiji and Blue are rather powerless (Blue, even though a 'god' in the series, can be fairly listless.  In the Happiness Charge movie, the ballerina disposed of Blue rather easily). But Seiji seeks to be Megumi's protector.  If you've seen Cure Lovely in action, a protector is one thing she doesn't need.  But Seiji is so devoted, though he will be quick to deny this if confronted. But girls and boys encounter each other through this series.  Iona (Cure Fortune) encounters one boy who confesses his admiration for her, something Iona cannot accept.  Seiji meets a classmate who has a crush on him.  An accident involving Hime (Cure Princess) and Seiji confuses Hime about how she feels for someone she feels is committed to Megumi.  Yumi (Cure Honey) shows tender care for the enemy, Phantom, the Precure Hunter.  And, all this adolescent romance happening under the watch of Blue, who has stated that no Precure is to have relationships with boys. This rule was made because Blue had fallen in love with another Precure, Cure Mirage, decades ago.  It went badly, impelling Mirage to become Queen Mirage, empress of the Phantom Empire.  She is under the influence of yet one more 'godling' like Blue, Blue's brother Red, whose planet under his care has failed, and Red in his anger wishes to cast Blue's planet (let's call it Earth) into the same desolation.  Mirage only becomes a pawn in Red's schemes. Add to this serious interplay of females coping with males more intricate factors that builds the overall plot.  Cure Fortune's hatred of Cure Princess over a terrible mistake Princess made.  Hime's desire to find friends such as Megumi who will aid in her battle against the Phantom Empire (we first meet Cure Princess being wretchedly trounced by the forces of evil).  Iona's battle to free her sister Cure Tender from the clutches of the Precure Hunter.  The slow forging of friendship between the four members of Happiness Charge Precure.  The vacillation of the conviction of Blue whether his injunction over Precures falling in love was wise. Once the Phantom Empire is defeated, the issue of the feelings of Seiji and Megumi over each other remains.  Blue, in his parting gift to the four precures and Seiji for their faithful work, gives them five Love Marbles.  Each is to give the sphere to the person they feel devoted to.  Hime, Yumi, and Iona go off to find that person, leaving Seiji and Megumi alone.  There is no verbal interchange between the two.  Only a final picture of the two marbles sitting side by side.  In Fresh Precure, Love never gave Daisuke a proper reply.  But here, no words of love, only an implied action. Yes, love does conquer all.

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