Hantsu x Trash

OVA (3 eps x 12 min)
2015 - 2016
1.749 out of 5 from 358 votes
Rank #9,396
Hantsu x Trash

Aimless high school freshman Youhei Hamaji receives an invitation to join a club where "he can touch girls as much as he wants." He finds himself at the water polo club.

Source: ANN

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Scratimus Feb 14, 2016
Score 5.5/10

Spolier heavy! This short and skin deep OVA is meh at best. The animation is okay and does not deserve to be further discussed than that. As for characters and story is worth a chuckle no more no less. The MC,  Hamaji, Youhei, is a pervert and really has no depth to him at all. He spends most of the story in the nurses office after an incident at the pool involving boob exposure and a water polo ball... read more

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Naveen14 Aug 8, 2018
Score 9.5/10

It's so funny watching the anime read more

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