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Despite her great potential, Ayano Hanesaki would rather avoid badminton than play it. But, when she meets Nagisa Aragaki, a third year who spends every waking moment perfecting her game, she’s inspired. Encouraged by their coach, Tachibana Kentarou, Ayano and Nagisa will hit the court and rally against opponents and rivals with amazing skills!

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Incredible Talent!

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Meat's the Best After a Workout!

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She Was Perfect

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I'm Lost Right Now, Too

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You're Not Alone

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It's Our Last Summer, You Know!

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I'll Mop the Floor With Her

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The Badminton I Want to Play

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What I Want Us To Be Is Not 'Friends'

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The Backhand Grip Is Like This

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Because I Love Badminton

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Step Forward Already!

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The problem with Hanebado! is that it tries to do too much with too little. There are three – count ‘em – three things this show has going for it, and those are its animation, its opening song, and Aragaki Nagisa. That doesn’t sound like much, I know, but if you have to finish something as unnecessarily gloomy as this, you’ll have to latch onto all of the happy things you can get. Looking at the show’s poster, marketing, and summary, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was your standard sports show. But dip your toes into its world, and you’ll find badminton is actually a very dreary thing that brings no joy to the people playing it. It follows that Hanebado’s leads should be the same way. Having Nagisa and Ayano as the main characters should have made for a compelling clash of ideals and rich contrasts; instead, their opposite personalities make it clear the show doesn’t actually know what to do with itself.   One of its most glaring problems is its inconsistent tone. One minute, it’s a classic sports story with Nagisa as the lead, then a dark psychological drama starring Ayano the next. Hanebado comes armed with a checklist of all the genre tropes, but in a desperate bid to stand out, it goes all-in on the angst and edge. It might have been gunning for a more realistic take on the classic sports story, but because it’s tragic to the point of comedy, Hanebado only succeeds in making itself the laughingstock of the season. Okay, so maybe that was a bit much. But if there’s anything that nearly proves this, it’s the way this show handles its characters. Villains never stay villains for long, because after they’re introduced in the most hateful way possible, Hanebado suddenly does all it can to make them sympathetic and – dare I say it – likeable. The only consistent force in the entire series is Nagisa, so it makes sense that her arc’s the one worth following and not Ayano’s. The good stuff now: the animation sequences are definitely way up there in terms of execution, fluidity, and choreography. Once the athletes hit the courts, you’ll nearly forget about all the other dreary things happening in their personal lives. Hanebado shines when it’s all about the game and not the unnecessary drama that happens beyond it. This is why Nagisa works so well as a protagonist. Although the show becomes more standard and safer when the focus shifts to her, the story gains more solid, familiar ground when this happens. The key issue here is balance. It’s something the show lacks, and it’s obvious in the way it doubles down on Ayano’s angst and seems to breeze through Nagisa’s journey like it’s an afterthought. You’d think increasing the episode count would help the show resolve its problems, but then again, a longer runtime might be the last thing you’d want from a gloomfest like this. If it sounds like I’m voicing a preference for the safer, more generic formula of sports anime, then know I’m only doing this because it got downright painful to watch this show cut itself open from the edge it so desperately wanted to own. Does Hanebado hate being a sports anime? Sure seems like it, what with the way it treated the material that could have at least made it coherent. In the world of Hanebado, nothing is earned, the stakes are all made up, and nobody cops any consequences. Conflicts happen for no real reason and when they do, you’ll wonder what the characters did to deserve such a depressing storyline. Badminton is Serious Business, and unlike other series that might encourage you to take up the sport they’re portraying, Hanebado’s only good for showing how big a burden its sport is and why it ruins people’s lives.


A promising badminton anime with eye catching animation and almost hilarious overbearing attempts at being dark or edgy. Yes indeed this anime has a plot thread running through it bringing constant drama in a way that is almost funny. However in the end it sadly simply doesn't make sense due to the character motivations ending up being contradicting. The main story starts out focussing on Ayano a broken character that openly is disgusted with badminton. She hates it and never wants to go back to badminton ever again due to an experience not revealed until later. An experience which when looking at it from a plot standpoint is quite disgusting. The animation of this series is largely very good. While the art sometimes does degrade if generally picks up when needed and the scenes that look a less well animated generally aren't too glaring either. Character animation is the most important in this it being what makes this series stand out using real life badminton motion capture to assist in animation. Truly it is captivating. The opening is catching both visually and musically and the voice acting is of course again good to good enough. It gets the point across together with an OST that get's the job done there's nothing really to complain about too much. Characters however are a bit of another story. Ayano is largely riduced to a carciture of a character being ridiculously dramatic and has a increasing tendency to be mean in the series towards other characters. At first it seems innocent but it keeps developing in a strange manner. Nagisa is another main character who is more or less a hard worker with some hangups. She's a flawed character as well as seen in the first few episodes but develops as the series moves along, very quickly in fact. She's not that multifaceted however despite the first few episodes and falls into a role quite heavily. While three or so other characters have some plot involvement and feel involving there's a rather large number of characters that feel superfluous to the story. They have small side stories but feel poorly established and can feel uninvolving because of this. They're along for the ride most the time. Compared to other anime of this genre the side characters among this group are just unusually weak due to poor establishment. Their interactions with other characters than the lead are few and far between and generally don't feel particularly emotionally involving. While there's about one or two moments when a scene does capture the emotions quite a lot of scenes are too empty emotionally to get the point of these side characters accross. The largest problem with this anime is sadly the plot and writing for Ayano and a certain family member. Ayano's motivation makes sense but the way she acts for most of the series just feels unnatural. As if she's a dramatic clown for the audiences experience. The reason she ended up like this and quit badminton was supposed to make her like badminton more. Despite this it is Ayano's friend that actually is the reason that Ayano is playing badminton at all and through the series rather than love badminton she despises it. While the ending wraps certain things up and changes the status quo Ayano ends up being all too forgiving despite being traumatized and the contradictionary logic of the certain character is never brought up. The entire plot thread with Ayano in the end simply ends up being based on coincidences and in a large part doesn't make sense. Watch this anime for the badminton scenes and criingy over the top dramatic moments but don't expect a masterpiece of writing. The glaringly lazy character writing for Ayano and some other characters can be hard to overlook. Despite this you can easily enjoy this anime regardless. 


No soy alguien de ver muchos animes de deportes, la mayoria de ellos me resultan re contra repetitivos con su formula de torneo, su carencia de tension por no haber repercusiones reales, y por sus personajes idealistas. Esta serie no fue la excepcion, aunque llegue a disfrutarla en un mal sentido. La serie inteta ser una especie de whiplash en la que los personajes se sobreesfuerzan para alcanzar sus objetivos, mientras padecen de ciertos problemas mentales y conflictos internos. Nada mala la idea, de todos modos por el tono de la reseña habran intuido que fue un bodrio al final. Empecemos por el mayor error, la introduccion de la protagonista, se nos presenta a una chica tomboy bastante fuerte quien esta traumada por perder un partido de badminton, aun con una motivacion tan exagerada, al menos como que intentan mostrar como esto causa disputas y desarrolla dificultades sociales por ello, lo cual es lo mas interesante de la serie, su inicio. Si creen que esta tipa es la prota, les dire que a largo plazo su participacion se ve reducida, quedando como un personaje secundario, al meter a la autentica protagonista. A ver, para que tuvieron la necesidad de introducir un personaje y un conflicto que de todos modos seria resuelto en tan corto tiempo, no es que sea la gran cosa, al ser solo una mala perdedora, pero por el dramon que se armaron, era de esperar que al menos su desarrollo fuese mas paulatino, en lugar de los cuatro capitulos que tuvo. La autentica protagonista por su parte tambien posee sus propios problemas internos, junto a problemas con la chica tomboy de un inicio por haber sido ella quien le gano hace años en ese partido de badminton. Pero su introducion es abrupta, tomando autentica relevancia como por el segundo capitulo, y la razon por la cual se unio al equipo de badminton fue mas por un capricho de su retardada y entrometida amiga, no por una decisión propia. De hecho, gran parte de las acciones que toma son mas debido por influencia de sus nuevos compañeros que por ella misma, entiendo que es por ser una persona que quiere hacer feliz a sus seres queridos, pero hay límites, mas tomando en cuenta el trasfondo tan oscuro que tiene con dicho deporte. El resto del cast es olvidable, la amiga esta ultra interesada en que su amiga juegue a pesar que le dejo en claro que no quiere, resulta fastidioso y cuestionable las razones por la que lo hace. Los compañeros se supone que tienen sus propios conflictos internos, pero la mayoria se resumen a “se sobreesfuerza demasiado” “debo mejorar en el badminton” y objetivos infantiles por el estilo. No me resultaria molesto si al menos intentara que los personajes fuesen maduros y tuvieran alguna motivacion como la prota y la falsa prota, pero nah. Lo más risible es que se pongan a llorar por semejantes chorradas, el Neiman de whiplash nunca tuvo una motivacion más alla de la pasión, y nunca lo viste llorar por tales banalidades, en su lugar, el tipo estuvo al borde de la muerte y del colapso mental diversas veces. Por lo antes dicho, el drama no puede ser mas exagerado. Volverse loco por dar alma y cuerpo a tu carrea es una cosa, pero a un simple hobby en el que no pierdes o ganas nada, por dios. Su hiperbolico tono no acaba ahí, oh no. Luego de los entrenamientos empieza un arco de torneo donde la prota se encuentra con la hija adoptada de su madre, quien la abandono por no ser muy buena en badminton. Si, ese era su trauma con el badminton, una madre estupida abandona su hija por no ser la mejor en un deporte, joder, Gendo Ikari era una mierda de padre, pero al menos habia toda una razon para ello, desde un motivo psicologico hasta estrategico detrás, esta loca es una enferma egoista sin razón justificable. Por otra parte, la revelacion produce que la chica sea re escrita, de una con una personalidad sensible y distante, como si de una shinji ikari se tratase, a una psicopata edgy sin nincun apice de piedad, tanto así que su rostro se convirtio en un meme por semejante cambio. Y bueno, resto es el mismo drama forzado y fuera de lugar de un inicio, pero peor. Y como no, esta cosa no seria tan popular si no tuviese su buen fanservice, no es asi? La serie posee un monton de escenas en la que las chicas, que son el el noventa y cinco por ciento del cast, devistiendose, en sosten o incluso desnudas bañandose. Asi de seguro atraeran a los pajeros como lo hizo K-on y semejantes. La presentacion es irregular, la animacion es por lo general fluida y el trabajo de diseño en las ropas es distintiva, asi como el enfasis en ciertos rasgos faciales o los musculos. Por otra parte, los partidos suelen ser animados tan a la lejania, que pierde un monton del detalle que posee e incluso en planos primerisos, se ve algo poco definido los dibujos. El juego de camara es torpe, se enfocan mucho en el gallito y no logran capturar bien los movimientos de los personajes, o son mal encuadrados, lo que dificulta ver sus acciones. Para tirar mas sal a la herida, los fondos, con los espectadores y el gallito estan hechos en CGI, para sacar de la inmersión aún mas. La musica tampoco es del otro mundo, lo mas interesante de ella es el opening, y no es por la canción con su tono feliz, sino por su extravagante animacion que juega mucho con el uso de los colores y usa perspectivas interesantes a la hora de lanzar el gallito. En general, si, es un concepto desaprovechado, muy desmedido, que no sabe mantener un tono consiso pasando de una motivacional a otro oscuro y serio y que solo valdria la pena por los memes de la chica edgy.

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