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Sei Handa's high school life is one that many teenagers would love to have. He is admired by both students and teachers alike for his calligraphy and he even has his own fan club known as the Handa Force. Unfortunately for Sei, who has a unique talent for misreading situations, his extreme anxiety has convinced him that everyone in school hates him! The more people fawn over him, the more he is convinced that he is being bullied. The members of the Handa Force are equally clueless, misreading every word and action from Sei as something grand or heroic and completely unaware that their daily attempts to guard him from the school's various weirdos make Sei think that they are dangerous stalkers. Will anyone ever figure out what's really going on here, or will this cycle of craziness continue until graduation?

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You can say that this anime is a bit boring than I thought. I don't care about the element where the running gag is always repeated so the punchline it always can't get it. Even so, I enjoy every second when I watch this anime. Barakamon is a comedy anime that I admit the funniest slice of life anime ever. However, Handa-kun can't expect much of what is presented in this anime. Honestly, I'm a slight enjoy with what's presented in this anime although some of the reviews I read undergone the same experience about the problem of a running gag in it. In the first episode, Handa fanatics who call themselves Handa gang discussed to make an anime about Handa. In this scene, they use a little breaking the 4th wall inside of it although, for me, it doesn't work at all. Actually, the premise here is a story where he thinks he is hated by the people around him while the people around him actually think he is the actor at the school. He is familiar enough with his school to the outside of his school but, the premise will go on and on until we think that this is simply a story that is only repeated. A story that became the trigger even made it messy even though I enjoy it. The art was built in such a way by Diomedia's studio. This studio works on famous projects like Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo?, Ore no Nounai Sentakushi ga, Gakuen Love Comedy wo Zenryoku de Jama Shiteiru, and Aho Girl. So, I don't really give recognition to what is the point. Instead, it's like a typical slice of life anime in general. Not too exaggerated and nothing less. Like Barakamon, the opening song entitled 'Rashisa' by SUPER BEAVER is a rock genre. To Handa-kun, it's over the limit. I mean, I don't think if the opening song is ideal for the anime that discusses the taboo thing but it's something that rocks out's heavy metal. With screams and passionate guitar riffs, it might be a bit weird if I revive it. However, as a person who really likes metal music, I will not dispute it. The ending song also I think is very mediocre so I will not talk much about this. In this anime, they don't use the same seiyuu as in Barakamon. Sei Handa who are filled by Daisuke Ono in Barakamon instead of voiced by Nobunaga Shimazaki which I feel there is no uniqueness if I distinguish it from Daisuke Ono. Same as Kazuyuki Okitsu who fills the voice of Takao Kawafuji, no one with Junichi Suwabe although I consider it all mediocre as well. We will see the daily life of Sei Handa where he went through his school with full of misunderstandings among his friends at school. Sei Handa is a closed person and thinks that all the people in his school hate him. He ends up keeping his distance from talking to the people around him. Each story goes with cliches thing, each character will live the day and will be introduced one by one where the originally hated with Sei Handa became inspired because of a rather funny misunderstanding. However, there are a lot of misremembered characters in this anime. Perhaps, in here is a bit too focused on a story that leads more to the Handa gang of Yukio Kondou, Akane Tsutsui, Reo Nikaidou, and Junichi Aizawa. In the first episode, Juri and Maiko Mori experience a mellow story that leads to a misunderstanding but solved fraternally by Sei Handa. The problem, these two characters immediately ignored in this anime and only get a small portion so it's considered a cameo. In fact, I almost forgot about these character at all. In addition to these two characters, in fact, there are much more besides these characters but I just don't know how big an omission that arises from this anime. From the beginning, I didn't expect as much with this prequel from Barakamon. I was thinking this would be something of a hype like Barakamon but, I don't know how many times I said Barakamon in this review so I almost forgot this anime. For those of you who just want to find a slight comedy, this anime will be very suitable for you. So, I recommend for those of you who want to enjoy it and not too much attention to all aspects that exist. Handa-kun is a typical anime actually but not in accordance with what I'm looking for though I also enjoy it until the end.

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