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Sei Handa's high school life is one that many teenagers would love to have. He is admired by both students and teachers alike for his calligraphy and he even has his own fan club known as the Handa Force. Unfortunately for Sei, who has a unique talent for misreading situations, his extreme anxiety has convinced him that everyone in school hates him! The more people fawn over him, the more he is convinced that he is being bullied. The members of the Handa Force are equally clueless, misreading every word and action from Sei as something grand or heroic and completely unaware that their daily attempts to guard him from the school's various weirdos make Sei think that they are dangerous stalkers. Will anyone ever figure out what's really going on here, or will this cycle of craziness continue until graduation?

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ClubFoot Apr 21, 2018
Score 7/10

You can say that this anime is a bit boring than I thought. I don't care about the element where the running gag is always repeated so the punchline it always can't get it. Even so, I enjoy every second when I watch this anime. Barakamon is a comedy anime that I admit the funniest slice of life anime ever. However, Handa-kun can't expect much of what is presented in this anime. Honestly, I'm a slight enjoy... read more

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Harmfuls Sep 13, 2017
Score 6/10

[FR] Awadachi website Handa-Kun (pré-quelle du fameux Barakamon) vu en 1080p réalisé par le studio diomedea (Noucome, Fuuka) en 12 épisodes standard. J'ai mis... read more

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