Hand Shakers

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Tazuna is a high school student, living in Osaka, who loves to fiddle around with machines. One day, he receives a repair request from an university laboratory. He accepts the request and ends up meeting a girl named Koyori, who has been bedridden for a very long time. Suddenly, Tazuna and Koyori get pulled into a whole different world called “Ziggurat”. In this world, there are Hand Shakers, two people who touch hands and create the Nimrod. Their goal is to defeat other Hand Shakers in order to gain an audience with “God”, who will grant them wishes. Protect with your own Hands!

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Conductor to Contact image

Episode 1

Conductor to Contact

Lead by Red image

Episode 2

Lead by Red

Blade and Dagger image

Episode 3

Blade and Dagger

Live Lab image

Episode 4

Live Lab

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Episode 5

Meet Yet

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Episode 6

Emperor of Fortune

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Episode 7

Festival and Carnival

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Episode 8

Sing a Sonic

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Episode 9

Finally Fairy

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Episode 10

Kitten Kitchen

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Episode 11

Cocoon Cocoon

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Episode 12

Shake the Hands

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LastGamer13's avatar
LastGamer13 Jan 10, 2017
Score 1/10

*notes prior to this date were lost* Week 5, I don't know how much longer I will last. I wasted all my anti-cringe supplies on elDlive and obtaining new ones appears more troublesome than I thought - it seems everyone is suffering from unnatural level of cringe. God, help me get through this. Week 6, My faith grows weaker by the day. Where did they go so wrong? When I'm not bored, I have to deal with... read more

KamiMara's avatar
KamiMara Jan 10, 2017
Score 7/10

So uhm yeah hand shakers, *spoiler alert* writen by someone who is not a native speaker and has dyslexia lol - first episode review - Hand shakers starts off with a echi kinda hentai thingy, so my first thought was wtf. I know some girls like tentacels, but chains I don't know man. Oke that aside it starts with a guy who is good in repairing things like watches, mp3 players and other technical stuff. He has... read more

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