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Naru is a high school girl who is average in every way. She loves fairy tale heroines, though she’s never had the courage to escape her ordinary life. One day, she sees Hannah, a transfer student, dancing in the moonlit and becomes inspired to learn Yosakoi dancing.

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Shall We Dance image

Episode 1

Shall We Dance

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Episode 2

Jealousy Rose!

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Episode 3

Girls' Style

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Episode 4


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Episode 5

First Step

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Episode 6

Try, Try, Try

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Episode 7

Girl Identity

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Episode 8

Mission Event

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Episode 9

Sister Complex

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Episode 10

Hot Spring Camp

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Episode 11

Smile is Flower

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Episode 12


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CaptainSlow's avatar
CaptainSlow Jul 18, 2016
Score 5/10

What I Liked: The character designs were quite pleasing. Sally-chan-sensei. The Yosakoi shop owner, who was woefully underutilised. Backgrounds and set-designs are all gorgeous, and the show has this wonderfully soft and relaxing colour scheme to it. The subtle character development for all the main girls, especially Naru and Yaya (even if she did start of as a bit of an arse). What I Didn't: There was a lot... read more

ghurk's avatar
ghurk May 17, 2018
Score 3.5/10

rating Story: usual slice of life with practically zero story. bunch of girls start a club and spend time together. Animation: one beautiful scene in first episode. if you expect to see some awesome scenes after, forget it. single short dance practice in first half of anime using mainly static images, fully animated minute of dancing on stage in last episode. sound: standard. not annoying but... read more

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