Hana no Ko Lunlun

TV (50 eps)
1979 - 1980
3.385 out of 5 from 170 votes
Rank #7,711

Lunlun was a typical girl living in France until, on her fifteenth birthday, she met a pair of talking animals named Nubo and Cato. They shared with Lunlun the story of the Flower Star: a world where flower faeries escaped to in order to be free of the greed and cruelty of humans; and also of their quest to find a successor to the Flower Planet's throne. This special girl must find the multi-colored flower that can only be found by someone who truly knows the meaning of love and kindness, and they’ve chosen Lunlun for the task. With the help of a magical pin that harnesses the power of the flowers, Lunlun, her two new friends, and a mysterious photographer named Serge set forth to find the flower – but their quest won't be easy as a selfish fairy named Togenishia and her servant Boris are hot on their trail!

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