Haikyuu!! Second Season

TV (25 eps)
- 2016
Fall 2015
4.638 of 5 from 14,810 votes
Rank #7

After losing to Aoba Johsai at the Inter-High, the Karasuno High Volleyball Team is working their hardest toward the Spring Tournament. In the meantime, it's decided that they'll be heading to Tokyo for a training camp with Nekoma High and a handful of other powerful schools. They team is practicing hard, and not day during their run, Hinata and Kageyama get too excited and end up lost, and end up meeting someone rather unexpected...

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Episode 1

Let's Go To Tokyo!!

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Episode 2

Direct Sunlight

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Episode 3

Townsperson B

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Episode 4

Center Ace

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Illusionary Hero


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VS "Umbrella"

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Episode 12

Let the Games Begin!

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zlancs's avatar
zlancs Dec 7, 2015
Score 10/10

I adore this anime. It's one of the better sports anime out there with believeable character realationships and general 3D characters who have a personality and a past. They are funny, determind and completely obsessed with what they love. Why can't they be real... I was completely captured by everything. The story is the typical "Let's make it to the top!" type thing, but this point is developed... read more

lil1doll's avatar
lil1doll Jun 2, 2017
Score 10/10

I don't like watching sports really, so I'm happy that I put that aside and gave this a chance. Watching all of the characters grow into even better players, and watching each of them practice honing their own individually unique skills is really amazing. The growth that they each show in comparison to the first season is truly inspiring--and HILARIOUS  at the same time because they are just a bunch of... read more

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