Haikyuu!! Movie 3: Talent and Sense

Alt title: Haikyuu!! Movie 3: Sainou to Sense

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In order to prepare for the Spring Tournament prelims, the Karasuno High School Volleyball Club joins up with other powerhouse schools from the Kanto region for a training camp. The members of the Karasuno Volleyball team wanted to change, and evolved, which allowed them to make it to the Spring Tournament preliminary semi-finals. Their opponent at the semi-finals is Aoba Johsai High School, who defeated them at the Inter-High prelims. Despite Karasuno vehemently attacking since the beginning of the match, because of Oikawa’s precise serves and their secret weapon Kyotani’s powerful spikes, the flow of the game ends up going to Seijoh. Karasuno tries to get their rhythm back in the match with Hinata and Kageyama’s new weirdo quick attack and their pinch server, Yamaguchi’s service ace. Karasuno gives their all against in this battle against their ultimate rivals!

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Haikyu!! The Movie: Talent and Sense

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Haikyu!! The Movie: Talent and Sense

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I know this review is probably pointless to most people, but I had a hard time finding info about the movie in detail when I was trying to decide whether to watch it or not after watching the 2nd season so hopefully this will be of use to someone! Also, for full disclosure, this was written from the perspective of someone who has only watched the anime and has not (yet!) read the manga. This movie recaps the 2nd season of Haikyuu. [spoilers if you haven't seen season two]  The first 30 minutes of the movie condenses the training camp in Tokyo + individual training afterwards (~ep 1-11). The rest of the movie covers the 2nd match of the Spring High tournament prelims against Seijoh/Aoba Johsai (~ep 20-25). Most other arcs/sub-plots have been excluded or greatly cut down.   [end spoilers] Would I recommend this if: you've never seen season two?   Definitely not. This glosses over so many things and you'd miss out on a lot (including a whole match!) so you should just watch the show instead of this. it's been a while since you've seen season two and you're wanting to get back into the show?   Sure. This does a decent enough job of covering highlights from the first part of the season and the final match of the season. There is that one match completely missing, but I guess it isn't the end of the world to not cover it. you just finished season two and are about to start season three?   Ehhh, maybe? Honestly, you really don't need this recap since season two should be fresh in your mind, but if you're a completionist, then there are ~5-6 minutes worth of new content. So I guess it depends on whether you think the ~1.5 hours of your time is worth seeing [minor spoilers ahead, trying to keep it vague]   how the Seijoh/Aoba Johsai team reacts to the outcome of their match with Karasuno.   [end spoilers] This was more new content than was included in the first two movies, but I can definitely understand that not everyone will want to commit the time for the 5-6 minutes of new scenes. If that includes you, then maybe you can come back to this movie far into the future when you want to scratch the Haikyuu itch, but don't want to commit to completely rewatching an entire season or the entire show. However, if you want to watch the new stuff now, it would be easy to just fast forward to the end since all the new scenes are together right before the credits (maybe try starting around 1hr 19min in, that'll get you close to where it starts).

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