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Jan 14, 2017

The first thing you need to know about the anime is the anime is entirely aware it's an ad for a phone game. It is blatant in this regard. If you don't like meta-style humor, don't press the play button. Trust me. If you're ok with self-aware characters, go ahead and read the rest of the review. 

Story: The story is basically the main cast of the game trying to advertise their game. That's it, really. There are some subplots like how the characters interact, but the main purpose is to sell the game using meta humor. Whether its passing out tissue packs or referencing other anime, the cast tries everything to get viewers to download their game. However, I actually preferred this style of showcasing the game to other shows that do the same thing. *coughRagnastrikeAngelscough*

Animation: Well, the animation of the opening isn't bad. In fact, it's pretty on par with a lot of the mecha I've seen. However, once you get into the meat of the anime, the animation takes a noticable nosedive. Not that the character designs aren't cute, but their movements and facial expressions can be a bit sloppy. The backgrounds are also a tad plain. However, I will say that for an anime designed to sell a game, this wasn't half bad. From what I've been able to see of the phone game, the art style also matches up pretty well. 

Sound: The opening is interesting, at least. It's orchestral, which suits the anime's name. And the background music was gentle enough that I actually didn't notice it at first. The sound effects could be a tad overbearing at time, as if the volume of the effects was slightly higher than the that of the voice acting. And speaking of the voice acting: the voices for the main girls tend to be high on the moe scale. Expect higher pitches. 

Characters: The characters are all given their quirks from the moment they enter the screen. They don't really develop, but they do use their personalities in various advertising schemes. The characters are likeable enough, for the mosty part. However, you do see mostly the girls, since I'm assuming the anime was geared towards the teenage boy crowd? 

Overall: Should you watch it? If you're interested in the game, maybe? Otherwise, it's a bit of a time waster. 

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?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
4/10 overall
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Jan 14, 2017

Warning this review may contain spoilers-

Okay so I'll start off with being honest, this was terrible. My only motivation to watch it was the fact that one of my favourite vocaloids was appearing in episode 8 but in a way it surprised me. It lived up to it's purpose, to promote a mobile game and there isn't to complain about there, the things it did wrong was pretty much everything else. Including quite bland characters, basic animation and a story that was far from making sense.


So it is clear that this kind of series wasn't supposed to contain any story worth-while for any type of audience, it had the random elements and the short gags constantly present in these shorts. Though there were some parts of the comedy I found amusing, these parts of the show was just about non-exsistant. However as this was simply suppose to be a promotional for a mobile game, you can't blame them for making a short anime full of 4th wall breaks to get their point across. I thought it was a sweet set-up for the game but doesn't really focus on what you have to do in the game but at least it promotes everything else.


The animation was quite basic, mainly pointing out the bland backgrounds which appeared to be repeated in quite a few of the episodes. But for something of quite low budget the studio managed to make something that I wouldn't look away in disgust and I kind of enjoyed the chibi style of the characters. My only major complaint is how much the animation degraded in some scenes compared of other sections hence the low score in this section, plus the boring backgrounds. At least the characters look quite interesting.


Now the sound isn't something I took much attention to, the opening was meh (fitted the theme of the anime but still meh), the characters voices were quite average but they weren't necessarily bad. In terms of voice acting, I did find it clever how they used Yukari's and Maki's 'Voiceroid' voices instead of hiring other voiceactors, I feel like this gives a nice and simple heads up to that side of the industry as well as promoting two other characters within the game.


The characters are what I want to talk about the most, there is just about no development but it is only a short anime so this again is expected. The main few characters were quite quirky however they did get quite boring after a while, which is why I liked episode 8 (not just because Yukari and Maki are in it) but it added a bit of variation while pushing the main 4 characters into the background a little but more. There also was a bit of spotlight on some of the secondary characters which I thought was a nice touch. But because of how much the main 4 characters overshadow the rest, plus how they are generally quite meh characters, that is why I have given it a low score for this section.

So I get that this review is pretty much me fangirling about episode 8, but why not. Best part in the show honestly... But being serious I wouldn't really recommend wasting your time with this unless you really want to. That's up to you :p


PS: This review is for the Monthly Marathon Jan 2017 

3/10 story
4/10 animation
4/10 sound
3/10 characters
3.5/10 overall
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