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Alt title: Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT

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Apr 1, 2015

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT

The second season. Not as much ecchi, more harem, little bit more of a storyline. But still a pretty average 1 out of a million show. And that sums up season 2.

The animation is still as good as season 1 and the music just as unnoticeable as.

There however have been big changes and development in some characters.

Kodaka, still the main harem lead. But his role has took a turn for the worse, unfortunately he ends up as your regular deny what you hear character who covers up confessions with ''what? Sorry didn’t hear you'' or by simply running away. At least he realizes himself that he is a weak coward but that does not make it any more pleasant to see how he hurts all other girls.

Yozora, in season 1 she was basically a bully which made it hard to like her, but her personality really improved and she became a nice person.

Sena, not much change here but with the more background story and screen time she is the most likeable character on the show, in my opinion.

Rika did a 180 turn and went from the pervert scientist towards a pervert harem girl who changes her looks every episode.

Yukimara, plot twist! Kind of expectable plot twist, which wasn’t that good as well. But he remains the background butler.

Yuna, the new girl, because two lollis weren`t enough, at least this one is much older.

It would have been a 0,5 improvement over season one if it didn’t end that badly with Kadoka’s personality.

Also note this show ends with a big cliffhanger and I haven’t heard anything about season 3 coming out anytime soon.

+0,3 for the improved story
+0,2 for the improved Yozora
-0,5 for Kodaka
+0,2 for Rika wearing the pants  / having the balls in ithis show

6/10 story
8/10 animation
5/10 sound
5/10 characters
6.2/10 overall
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Sep 23, 2015

After watching the first season, I was hyped to watch the NEXT.

Unfortunately, I was left on the side of the road like a perfectly good pen.  I had a feeling of being used but still wanting to prove my worth.

It is a cliff hanger similar to Inuyasha...  it may take another 8 years before they give us an ending.


7/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
9/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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Mar 29, 2013

After watching the 2nd season and seeing another slice of life get two seasons in a row it makes you wonder why this didn't get 2 seasons in a row? Its actually part of the reason I rate it down I felt that this ended when things were getting good and the first would have linked in well with the 2nd its just annoying for people who find it hard to get a good translation of the light novel.


Despite what may seem like a low score in comparison to its overall rating does not mean I didn't enjoy it as usual it delivered a great comedy with its crazy cast. The problem with the story is that it parodies harems which is great but if you do it too much the story will become a parody in itself. Especially with Kodaka's development this season but at least it is starting to get serious and the series ends with you literally demanding more by the end of it if you are a fan. Though in a season where you have anime that have absolutely incredible stories that will stick with you for your life such as Pyscho Pass and Shin Sekai Yori and while different genres it just shines through that how the core of the story by itself as it stands needs to improve.

However the true strength of the series lies within the characters which are a colourful cast of crazy but in different ways it makes you think how the more normal females from the student council will fit into this or if they are not as normal as they appear. Basically if you loved the first season the 2nd won't dissappoint you however if you are an idiot with love on your mind the lack of romance will drive you crazy. Sure there is development but all it is at best is just blushing between characters since Kodaka himself happily admits he is too cowardly to do anything about it.


Well this is a hit or miss really I know some people who despise this art style I am one of those that adores it and that it really flows well with the series and that this artist has yet to dissappoint me.


How I rate sound is a little different to some reviewers because I include the ending and the opening as well while sweet neither will be memorable or songs I will listen to again either. While it blends well with the anime there is nothing that really stands out but in a series where sound isn't really that important it doesn't really matter to be honest. If a good soundtrack is needed in every entertainment you watch or play you have certainly come to watch the wrong series.


Now onto the important part this is what makes Boku wa Tomodachi stand out in its genre.

Kodaka: Still has some problems as the 'harem lead' which stop me from personally liking him since its hard for me to really like any of them but he certainly is much better than most his kind. His main problem in this season is his cowardice however as soon as he starts to develop and confront it also see what damage his cowardice has done the damn anime ends how cruel. I was really looking forward to seeing Kodaka grow as a character too but the anime ends before he is given the chance. As it stands I can't like him as he is right now but it would be hard to find a better lead that blends well with the other characters.

Sena: Crazy, crazy and very crazy but that's what makes you great Sena. She is openly crazy and more straight forward than the other characters despite her incredible academic and physical prowess she just wants to play galge games. What I like most about Sena is how she develops and stays true to herself and despite her crazy ways has a charm to her. Also out of the female characters across the net and in the character polls she remains on top and I can't blame them to be honest.

Yozora: While she lost a lot of popularity from viewers of the show because of her cruel ways in the first season its easy to understand why she behaved the way she did. She acts strong but in reality is probably the weakest of them all and I hope we get to find out what made her become repulsed by large groups of people. In terms of character growth she has had the most and while she has changed a little is still mostly her self but I think Kodaka behaves how he does to protect her since everytime it looks like he will leave her side she looks like she will have a mental breakdown. There is still more to this character and I look forward to finding out the truth behind your strong cruel facade to cover your fragile self.

Kate: Not too much to right about with Maria's older sister she seems to like Kodaka mainly because he is so kind to Maria and that seems to be about it really to be honest she needs far more development as a character unless the author decides she will remain forever as a cute funny character in the background.

Kobato: The relationship between kodaka and his sister is great and Kodaka makes a pretty awesome older brother as the cute younger sister she isn't too overbearing but again there is something about her being kept hidden. Despite her popularity she tries to run away from getting too close to people maybe she is like her older brother or perhaps something else whatever it is I hope she will get some more character development.

Maria: A little too hyper and overbearing for me and her character like her older sister just seems too simple at the moment the only difference is that Kate is more likable as a character than a little girl who has a constant sugar rush.

Rika: Ah Rika you gained some popularity this season as during the first you were on the sidelines too much and were just seen as a perverted genius. Fans were happy to see you have development and found you became much cuter. However things would be nice if they were that simple. According to a friend of mine because Rika's character was tanking so hard in comparison to Sena and Yozora the author was told to re-invent her thus her character has become a horrible mess. I like Kodaka find Rika very confusing she drops her glasses saying she never needed them to begin with...Okay that's a little wierd, starts repeatedly changing her image as if to say do you like me yet Kodaka? Then reveals more about herself to play the sympathy card and when her realtionship with Kodaka develops she breaks off from her perverted personality to becoming a little tsundere for some reason.

While at the end the showdown between her and Kodaka was damn awesome as we get to see Kodaka confront his fears but ultimately too late the problem is as Kodaka pointed out Rika has the most problems out of all the girls and why she even likes Kodaka is a mystery. She has no real connection unlike the Sena and Yozora but her meddling has meant Yozora has lost her advantage over Rika and Sena and to be honest I can't like a character like Rika who tries way too hard to be liked have a lot more respect for Sena and Yozora. I feel that if the main lead doesn't like Rika for who she is then he isn't worth her time and she should look elsewhere.

Yukimura: While it was great to see Yukimura finally have some development the problem is that Yukimura is on the forever friends route and will probably never get off it and its shame as I would like to see more development to Yukimura's character and I can't say much more than that for spoiler reasons.

Aoi and Hinata: Can't wait to see how they will fit into the series with the rest of the characters especially since Hinata and Aoi have the personality where they accept someone regardless of how they look which matters a lot to Kodaka who is judged as a no good deliquent.

Special Mention Pegasus (Sena's papa) : This guy is hilarious while his role becomes more minor as new characters introduced every scene with him in it will bring a smile to your face.

Final score 7.5 The story needs to stand out a bit more and stop cutting off at the good parts and if inferior series like Sakarsou no Pet get two seasons in a row I don't see why this can't either especially with its level of popularity. A reccomended watch for anyone into Harem series without continous fanservice.

6/10 story
10/10 animation
6/10 sound
9/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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May 23, 2018

Don't you just love male harem protagonists that are oblivious to the fact that they are surrounded by women that want them? If so, stick around!

Story: 7/10

The first 7 episodes of this season kind of felt like they were just randomly shuffled around, as there wasn't really any consistent storyline between them. However, I was okay with this, as the first season was the same way. The comedic timing was pretty good, and managed to make me laugh at least once or twice per episode. However, once you hit Episode 8 and the culture festival, there is suddenly just one thing going on for the rest of the season. In my opinion, this kind of got boring towards the end of the show, but I watched the entire season anyway. My major problem with this season was the ending. The show ended on a giant cliffhanger (Which made me go buy the light novel, so I guess it worked in the company's favor). After reading the final volumes of the light novel, I realized that there was plenty of material to make a Season 3. And I mean PLENTY. Besides for these things, I didn't really have a problem with the story.

In Short: Comedic timing was great, plot was sort of jumbled for the first 7 episodes, and the ending angered me.

Animation: 9/10

Not much to say here. Transitions were smooth, movement was fluid, and the art style was pleasing to the eye. That's about it.

In Short: Just read the animation review. It's literally three sentences long.

Sound: 8/10

I surprisingly liked the opening for this season just as much as I liked the one for the first season. It's definitely not in my top 10 openings of all time, but it's probably top 25. The soundtrack for this season wasn't bad, but it could have been better at particular moments. The sound effects actually made certain scenes much more funny, so I was a big fan of those. The voice acting was not that bad. I watched the full season both subbed and dubbed, so I'm going to talk about both. The Japanese voice acting was pretty good, and I was fine with it. After that, I watched the show with English dub, and all I can say that the sub is much better than the dub.

In Short: Sound effects were great, voice actors were well chosen, OP was good, soundtrack was decent.

Characters: 10/10

Man, did this show have a great lineup of characters. First of all, the main characters. First you have Kodaka Hasegawa, a blond haired guy whose looks scare the living shit out of everybody (Minus the other Neighbors' Club members). Of course, he's a gentle giant, but he's also fucking oblivious to the feelings of the women around him. Next is Sena Kashiwazaki, The blond haired, big-tit hottie that every guy is attracted (Minus Kodaka). Sena is pretty much your normal vanilla girl in a harem. Then you've got Yozora Mikazuki, the quiet jackass whose future career is most likely a psychopath. In my opinion, Yozora gets a lot more development in the late issues of the light novel, but I was fine with this. Next up is Rika Shiguma, the perverted scientist who REALLY wants to get into Kodaka's pants, but this doesn't work out for her. Sena and Rika provided most of the comedy in the show, with Sena providing the vanilla comedy and Rika providing the more perverted comedy. Now for the supporting characters. First off is Kobato Hasegawa, Kodaka's younger sister. Actually, scratch that. First off is Leysis Vi Felicity Sumeragi, Kodaka's little sister. The next supporting character is Maria Takayama, the "club advisor" who is younger than everybody else in the room. Lastly is Yukimura Kusunoki, the supposed girl who is actually a guy who is actually a girl (To make it simpler, we were told she was a boy throughout Season 1, and then in Episode 4 of this season, we find out that Yukimura is actually a girl).

In Short: We've got the oblivious protagonist, the vanilla, the pervy scientist, the quiet jackass, the little sister, the jailbait, and the trap(?). I think it's quite the good lineup.

Overall: 8/10

Just read the fucking review. Or average out the numbers and round down.

7/10 story
9/10 animation
8/10 sound
10/10 characters
8/10 overall
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Jun 18, 2017

The 2nd season continues and does exactly what the first season does, except for two strong distinctions on what changes. The starting episodes are of equal quality to what you saw in season 1. Basically have some fun doing activities with the club characters. The humor still relies quite strongly on its perverted nature.

What differs is the general direction things went after the first few episodes. Season 2 focuses more on the relationships of the characters. There is far greater emphasis on who the characters like, confessing, and revealing their pasts. The other main difference is the later episodes, and general theme of what occurs. Several episodes are dedicated to doing an activity at the club at school. This is where it went a bit downhill on what was enjoyable before. It was still decent, but not quite on the same level.

The biggest "what?" is the last episode. It suddenly moves the timeline along at 10x the speed, and doesn't fit in well at all with how the rest of the anime played out. It is almost like they were forcing some sort of conclusion unexpectedly that they had not planned for. This forced conclusion really doesn't add anything either and leaves it hanging with more questions. It was just so out of place that you may actually want to skip it.

Overall, I liked this season almost as much as the first, but I believe they partly missed the mark on what made it interesting, and completely blundered it with the last episode.

Review of Season 1 ; Scored 8

7/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
8/10 characters
7/10 overall