Guyver: Out of Control

OVA (1 ep x 55 min)
3.007 out of 5 from 841 votes
Rank #5,261

One day while walking home, Sho Fukamachi stumbles across a metal object that has fallen from the sky; but while trying to throw it away, he inadvertently activates it and becomes fused with the biogenetic creature known as Guyver! Other biogenetic creatures called Zoanoids, from the company Chronos, immediately confront him; but they are no match for the power of Guyver. Chronos, in order to recapture the Guyver and complete their quest for world domination, kidnaps Sho's girlfriend Mizuki and kills some of his fellow classmates to send Sho a message. Now Sho must fight against Chronos not only to save Mizuki, but to save the world!

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chii Dec 30, 2012
Score 3/10

For my Anime-Planet Secret Santa This is one of the "best" cult anime classics I've ever seen! (haha no not really) One day a boy, Sho, finds a device and accidently activates it! Turning him into a GUYVER!! Now he must face off against similar "creatures" known as Zoanoids... read more

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