Guilty Crown

TV (22 eps)
2011 - 2012
Fall 2011
4.043 out of 5 from 30,853 votes
Rank #1,155

In the near future, the outbreak of a terrible disease called the Apocolypse Virus places Japan under the military rule of a global organization called the GHQ - a group tasked with checking the spread of the virus and administering vaccinations. Apathetic high school student Shuu Ouma lives in Tokyo, spending his days editing videos and trying to be left alone. But things change when he meets the beautiful pop idol, Inori, who is on the run from GHQ soldiers. While trying to save her from her captors, he acquires a mysterious power called the Void Gene that allows him to pull items or weapons from anyone under the age of seventeen. Now, Shuu must decide whether to join the efforts of the well-funded radical terrorist group "Funeral Parlor" and fight against the GHQ, or shrug off his newfound power and resume his normal life - assuming that either the GHQ or Funeral Parlor's charismatic leader, Gai, will let him.

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(Sub) Genesis image

Episode 1

(Sub) Genesis

(Sub) Survival of the Fittest image

Episode 2

(Sub) Survival of the Fittest

(Sub) Void–Sampling image

Episode 3

(Sub) Void–Sampling

(Sub) Flux image

Episode 4

(Sub) Flux

(Sub) A Preparation image

Episode 5

(Sub) A Preparation

(Sub) Leukocytes (Cage) image

Episode 6

(Sub) Leukocytes (Cage)

(Sub) Temptation (Round Dance) image

Episode 7

(Sub) Temptation (Round Dance)

(Sub) Courtship Behavior (Hot Summer Day) image

Episode 8

(Sub) Courtship Behavior (Hot Summer Day)

(Sub) Prey (Predation) image

Episode 9

(Sub) Prey (Predation)

(Sub) Retraction (Degeneration) image

Episode 10

(Sub) Retraction (Degeneration)

(Sub) Resonance (Sympathetic Vibration) image

Episode 11

(Sub) Resonance (Sympathetic Vibration)

(Sub) Temptation (Rebirth) image

Episode 12

(Sub) Temptation (Rebirth)

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MordredMS's avatar
MordredMS Aug 31, 2012
Score 5.1/10

Also known as "Tv tropes: The anime".
Heh, this is one of those hard to judge. If, on one hand, I can’t but get pissed off at how poorly its characters and plot are ripping off other anime, at how contrived and poorly-explained its developments are, at how it looked like it was trying to cram in as many clichés as humanly possible, on the other hand I can’t but admit that for... read more

roriconfan's avatar
roriconfan Apr 13, 2012
Score 3.5/10

Two things define Guilty Crown as an anime. The first is the very good production values, which becomes harder and harder to find in the years we are going through. The artwork is very detailed and coloured beautifully, and the animation is quite smooth (when it wants to be). The second is the story, which is nothing but a patchwork of stereotypes from all over the place. People saw the first episode and... read more

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