Gude Crest: The Emblem of Gude

Alt title: Onna Senshi Efe & Jira: Gude no Monshou

OVA (1 ep x 43 min)
2.946 out of 5 from 111 votes
Rank #15,833

In the days before humans roamed the world, the gods took place in a great battle, leaving a legacy of war and conflict to mankind. In the present, the continent of Harlan is riddled with strife, and only the lovely Efera and Jiliora can save it with the help of the last surviving member of the enchanted race, a pair of twins, and luck! Can the gang return the royal Gude Crest and defeat the evil Grafton and the Supreme Mother herself, before the entire continent falls under their cult-like control?

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StoryThe entire premise of Gude Crest revolves around just that -- the Gude Crest. Our two heroines Efera and Jiliora received this crest while escaping a slave ship and/or attempting to save a young boy who perishes. He hands them the crest, and they set off to return it -- and the story begins. Unfortunately, as if that was unexciting enough, it just goes downhill from there. The girls end up running into a cult-like group who communicate with a being known as the Supreme Mother, and end up trying to save two royal twins (and rightful heirs of the crest) and the entire continent from evil itself! Wow... how stimulating. Seriously folks, it's generic fantasy by all means. Maybe not completely Record of Lodoss War type fantasy, but still textbook as far as how generic it seems. There is nothing more than remotely interesting throughout the entire 45 minutes, and is rounded out by poorly developed characters and terrible pacing. I lost interest several times throughout the 45 minutes, and took two days just to finish it! By the end I didn't care at all about what happened, which was convenient considering nothing substantial happened anyways. The ending was rushed, and overall, the story sucked in general. Wow, I am such a beacon of positivity today! I deserve some sort of medal. AnimationVisually, Gude Crest is nothing spectacular in any way. In fact, some scenes are incredibly ridiculous looking, such as two moons overlapping that look completely flat and appear to have been animated in 5 seconds or less. Colors were darker, character designs looked fairly generic fantasy style, and there were no good special effects worth mentioning. Granted, for the time period this was made in, I suppose the animation would be considered "ok" at best, hence the average score. I found the cheesy bits to be far more noticable than the decent ones, by far. SoundThe audio was totally forgettable and boring. Generic fantasy synthy tunes were piped into your ears during most scenes, and fit the tone, but didn't stand out at all. Voice acting seemed fine for everyone involved, but all in all, extremely generic audio all around. CharactersThe characters were most of the problem with Gude Crest, by far. We are introduced to quite a few of them, but know little about any. Efera and Jiliora are the two main characters, and we know almost nothing about either except that they are fairly masculine and ass kicking. The main bad guys are just bad guys, with no depth or character, and we really can't empathize with the good guys, since we don't even really feel like the bad guys are bad for any good reason! I felt nothing throughout the OVA towards ANY character, good or bad. The concept of the Supreme Mother was thin and uninteresting, even when she was revealed. Relations between characters were shallow at best, and uninspired. All in all, very weak character interactions and development, which didn't help coupled with the poor plot. OverallWatch Gude Crest if you are looking for a generic and quick fantasy watch, but really, that should be the only reason. There was nothing about the story that warrants a special viewing, nothing about the animation that screams "WOW, THIS ROCKS" and really, nothing about average at all that I can think of. Rare hunters, this would be a good thing for you to check out. Fantasy lovers, this might be worth a watch if you have run out of anything else to view. Otherwise, perhaps not a good choice of something to watch on a rainy day.

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