Guardian Hearts

OVA (6 eps)
2.31 out of 5 from 823 votes
Rank #8,218

Hina, otherwise known as Guardian Hearts, is sent to Earth on a mission to protect the peace... and with strict orders not to let anyone find out her identity. So when Kazuya accidentally sees Hina transform just when she comes to Earth, he is forced to take her home with him. Because it’s ok to know about a secret identity if you’re family, right? At least that’s what Hina believes! But as if living with Guardian Hearts isn’t troublesome enough, magic girls now seem to be appearing everywhere and revealing themselves to Kazuya! Can Kazuya survive the attentions – and jealousies – of so many girls? One thing is for sure, Kazuya’s days will be anything but dull!

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jiropracter Jun 18, 2011
Score 4/10

Seeing as there is no review for this anime I'll write one. That said, I am a huge ecchi fan, so I started watching this in order to feed my ecchi needs. This anime was not as ecchi as I would have liked, The Ova contained mostly a harem romance and a bit of fanservice on the side. All in all, The only reason I would reccomend watching this is if you're desperate for more Ecchi or Harem anime. Overall... read more

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