Growlanser IV Wayfarer of the Time

OVA (1 ep)
2.361 out of 5 from 151 votes
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After a harrowing period of war, the countries of Valcania, Dulkheim and Igrecias formed a confederation and began a new system of political order, but were met with great resistance. Now, in Valencia's capital, a rebellion is being planned to overthrow the current system of government, and only Lady Silvernale, captain of the guard, has the power to stop it. Along with delegates from Igrecias and heroes alike, she must do whatever it takes to keep the country from being caught in the middle of a brutal war, even if it means fighting those she has sworn to protect...

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sothis Jul 9, 2005
Score 7/10

Having never played any of the Growlanser games, including IV, I had no idea what to expect when watching this. Admittedly, I know that the series of games is tactical and strategy in nature, so I suppose I did have an idea that the plot would be mostly political. Needless to say, I was correct, but also ended up being quite surprised at how decent this one shot OVA really was.
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