Green Legend Ran

OVA (3 eps x 45 min)
1992 - 1993
3.306 out of 5 from 490 votes
Rank #10,463

In the future, mysterious monoliths known as the Rodo fell from outer space, turning the world into a parched wasteland without rain or oceans. In this new world where humans struggle to survive, control is held by the Rodoists – worshippers of the Rodo. Ran is an orphaned and honest boy who has sworn revenge against the scarred man who took his mother from him; and in order to facilitate his revenge, Ran wishes to join the Anti-Rodoist group known as the Hazzard. In the process, however, Ran meets and falls in love with the silver-haired Aira, who has a destiny that is far more than he can comprehend. Now, Ran travels to the Holy Green to pursue his love and revenge, but can he choose between them?

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This 3 chapter OVA can be seen as a movie. A movie trying really hard to emulate Miyazaki. Although it's not a total waste and at no moment did I felt like dropping the serie... it's not good. Animation: Lets start by the worst. The animation is bad. Like, really bad... like it was made in the early 80's... by bad animators. Its so bad, that when the 2 decently drawn scenes appear in screen you are like "Woah!", yet when you review said scenes for your anime-planet review you realize that it was a mere contrast effect. BUT!... but. It's not so bad you don't get what you are seing, and there are a few original and interesting stuff scatered around. (Note "a few", cause they are literally 4 or 5). Don't be fooled by the screenshot of the girl in the anime description, it doesn't represent the animation.  Story  Humans destroy the Earth's flora and fauna and have to live in a barren desert for centuries until a profecy comes true and the Earth returns to its green and blue colors. A special girl, a hyperactive boy, and an 'old' accomplished man helping in the back. Yep, as original as it sounds.  Bearable but unimpresive. Not simple, yet not complex either. The ending wasn't all that clear for me, but since they were details and the overall didn't managed to hook me, I didn't went out of my way to figure 'em out Sound Unremarkable. At least I don't remember anything that would require comment Characters The usual. Their development on the borderline of: meh. Nothing to hate, nothing to love. Overall I repeat: Don't be fooled by the screenshot of the girl in the anime description, it doesn't represent the animation. I did watch the whole thing with little regret, but I'm sure I'm not watching it again. Few interesting concepts are presented but nothing that put this anime in a TOP 10. Notice: Be careful, it seems there's a sensored version of this, I didn't saw it but I read they took away one or two of those "few original and interesting stuff scatered around" I metioned before.

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