Green Dakara x The Boy and the Beast CMs

Alt title: Green Dakara x Bakemono no Ko CMs

Other (2 eps x 1 min)
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Green Dakara x The Boy and the Beast CMs

A collaboration between Suntory and the anime The Boy and the Beast, to advertise Suntory's Green Dakara drink brand.

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It seems this anime shares some mystical connection with the renowned movie 'The Boy and the Beast'. But fear not, dear viewer, for your understanding of the characters' relationships is entirely optional. Why bother comprehending such trivial matters when there are far more pressing concerns in life?Prepare yourself for a mind-boggling experience—an anime of epic proportions, spanning a colossal 15 seconds across two whole episodes! Truly, this is a monumental achievement in the realm of brevity. Should you feel the burning desire to bolster your completed anime count, look no further! Indulge in this captivating opus, a short commercial video of mind-numbing banality, focusing solely on an elusive, undrinkable elixir that will surely elude your grasp.Witness the breathtaking animation! Delight in the spectacle of exquisitely coloured beings prancing and imbibing their beverage of choice. It's a feast for the eyes, a veritable kaleidoscope of vibrant hues that will leave you questioning the very essence of reality itself. Is this the purpose of life? To dance and drink with fervor?Ah, the sound! Prepare your auditory faculties for an auditory sensation like no other. An enchanting symphony of mediocrity awaits you, for this anime delivers a cheap, run-of-the-mill Japanese song that exudes an air of unremarkableness. Truly, there are no limits to its banality.But fret not, for this anime is within your reach! Feast your eyes upon the abundant offerings of popular video websites such as YouTube, where the gems of modern entertainment await your precious time. Go forth, waste away those valuable moments of existence, and immerse yourself in the enchanting pointlessness that this anime has to offer.In all seriousness, this anime may serve as a brief escape from the tedium of reality, should you choose to partake. So, by all means, cast aside your responsibilities and plunge headfirst into the glorious abyss of this insipid spectacle.

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