Great Pretender

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Makoto Edamura is a con man who is said to be “Japan's greatest swindler.” One day, after trying to pickpocket a foreigner, Edamura finds that all of his money was stolen instead. Chasing the man down all the way to Los Angeles, he learns the foreigner is Laurent Thierry, a French con man who has ties to international criminal organizations. After Edamura follows Thierry and thwarts his big drug deal, Edamura gets tied up and left to die on the famous Hollywood sign.

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This anime started great and it was on its way to awesomeness until the last case, at which point it just comes tumbling down to hell and left me wondering if someone was up to sabotage the story and I can't understand why they decided to throw everything away and stomp on their own work as a piece of trash. The series' story is divided into small arcs called "Cases": Case 1: Los Angeles Connection is Episodes 1-5 Case 2: Singapore Sky is Episodes 6-10 Case 3: Snow of London is Episodes 11-14 Up to here, everything is almost perfect. I strongly recommend you stop here for the best experience. If you decide to continue with the last case all remaining questions & backstory of the main protagonist will be answered, but it's so bad that it will destroy everything you see so far and you cannot undo that. It's like they stop caring about the story and just wanted to finish the anime without care or consideration for the character development, the cohesion of the story, and the message they were trying to convey. It will leave you feeling that the show was a waste of time. I would rate the story up to this point an 8. Case 4: Wizard of Far East is Episodes 15-23 I have to wonder: if this last case is Filler Material? If it is, that will explain a lot, as it feels like it was giving to a different writer, and not just any writer, but someone either set on sabotage all the work they have done so far or an amateur writer with no experience nor care about the work. It is even worst than the last Filler Arc of Gantz, and even worst than the ending of Game of Thrones, which seems to have the same kind of issues as this last case. This is one of the most disappointing endings that I have ever seen in anime and any other format. The first 3 cases are definitely worth watching, the story is not overly serious, it has a good amount of comedy and wackiness. As far as I remember this is the first anime about Con Artist, there other animes about gambling that also include some conning, but it's not the main focus of those shows. The animation & sound are awesome, as expected from Wit Studio. Overall, It's an interesting show with a different premise & style from the norm. It may not be for everyone but you should at least try the first 2 episodes before you decide. The dub was good.

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