Gravitation: Lyrics of Love

OVA (2 eps)
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Shuichi and the rest of Bad Luck are back, and better than ever. Having reached the heights of fame in the music world, a new opportunity is on the horizon: the Tokyo Bay Music Festival! Bad Luck is set to perform, but so is Nittle Grasper, their supreme rival. What's worse is that Yuki, Shuichi's lover, has written the lyrics for Nittle Grasper's performing song! With low spirits and heavy hearts, can the gang pull together for one last song to prove to Japan they're the best band in the world?

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sothis Jan 7, 2005
Score 5.6/10

Though produced before the Gravitation TV series, the Gravitation OVA takes place chronologically after the TV series. Thus, if you haven't watched the TV series, stop reading this review right now (due to potentially mild spoilers), and go check it out. If you have seen the TV series, read on...

The Gravitation OVA takes place very soon after the end of the events in the TV series... read more

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