TV (13 eps)
2000 - 2001
Fall 2000
3.448 out of 5 from 10,770 votes
Rank #3,444

As a member of a musical duo on the verge of making it into show business, Shindou Shuichi has a lot on his mind -- especially since he writes the songs for his Bad Luck band. His life gets no less hectic when he bumps into Yuki Eiri, a successful yet cynical author extraordinaire, who immediately insults Shuichi’s lyrics upon reading them. Seeking him out to demand an apology, Shuichi nevertheless sees other facets of Eiri’s personality. Can he accept the fact that he might be developing feelings for the novelist who discredited his work on their first meeting?

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sothis Jan 5, 2005
Score 7/10

Shuichi is a young guy who has a friend named Hiro and a band named Bad Luck. They haven't hit it big quite yet, but are determined to get to the top eventually! One day, by chance and a gust of wind, one of the self conscious Shuichi's songs gets into the hand of Eiri Yuki, a cynical and heartless writer, who proceeds to inform Shuichi that he has no talent. Shuichi is totally thrown off guard... read more

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zombieinthemoonlight Jun 21, 2011
Score 9.5/10

Gravitation is and probably always will be one of my favourite anime. The story is fantastic, and every episode leaves you hanging on for more, especially in the later episodes. Despite being a shonen-ai, there is not much explicit content in it. There are a couple of kissed and suggestive scenes, but nothing over the top, as it more focused on the dynamics of the relationship. The characters are well built... read more

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