Goulart Knights: Evoked The Beginning Black

OVA (1 ep x 25 min)
2.248 out of 5 from 408 votes
Rank #7,941
Goulart Knights: Evoked The Beginning Black

A mysterious creatures named "Archons" suddenly appear in the world. Humanity faces the threat of annihilation from these creatures. Only the "Chalice," the source of humanity, can defeat the powerful Archons. So, the humans assemble an Archon-slaying unit from fighters who have the ability to bring forth the Chalice to fight. The ones chosen to fight the Archons with the Chalice as their weapon are called Goulart Knghts.

Source: ANN

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Shimoko Oct 8, 2015
Score 5/10

I have no idea what to say or feel about this... it's like... It really feels like this was supposed to be an anime version of a visual novel or otome game, where the maker just took the bare bones plot points and their favorite jokes from it and threw it in there... So little is explained and so little yet so much happens I don't know how to feel. I guess there's enough to say "yeah that... read more

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tennis101101 Dec 4, 2013
Score 8.5/10

This is a very good anime. I like the story line of this anime for the sole episode. I just wish that there was more to this anime then one episode. The animation of the anime is very good. I love the details of the characters and the scenary. I love the songs that are in this anime. Espacially the opening song of it. I also like that the music dose not drown out the voices of the characters. Also I like most... read more

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