Good Morning Call

OVA (1 ep x 20 min)
2.676 out of 5 from 935 votes
Rank #6,864

Nao and Uehara are two teens in an unlikely situation -- they've accidentally signed a lease for the same apartment! As time passes, they inevitably became a couple, and share the joys and hardships of living together day by day. Things take a turn for the worse when Nao forgets Uehara's 16th birthday! Can their relationship be saved? Or is this happy couple doomed for failure?

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Scat's avatar
Scat Jul 10, 2010
Score 2/10

Having just watched the anime i wish i had more to say than the OVA was boring. It made an attempt to show what some people in real relationships sometimes face. The fact that Yoshikawa forgot Uehara's birthday. Yes it can happen and its understandable that Uehara would get angry but i really don't think that there's any need to waste 20 minutes instead read the summary. Uehara forgives Yoshikawa and her... read more

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DuskFey Jul 15, 2010
Score 5.5/10

Anime in 200 Words: Good Morning Call Premise: Two teenagers ending up renting the same apartment, chose to share it, and ended up falling in love. When they get into a fight, is their relationship doomed? Audience: Good Morning Call is a sweet, romantic ball of shoujo goodness. Take a guess. ^_^ Relationships: For some reason, couples in these shows simply refuse to talk to each other. Angry? Ignore them... read more

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